How to play?

  • Navigate/ Attack
    Throw Weapon
    Pick Up Weapons
    Throw Grenades
    Return The Discarded Trident

Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy

Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy game it's free on BrightestGames!
You are welcome to play this Minecraft online game, which is called Noob vs. Huggy Wuggy, for no cost and at any time. The realm of Minecraft has been invaded by hordes of scary dolls reminiscent of Poppy Playtime. It is now up to you to help the terrified Nubik in winning against all of them. There are several thrilling stages in Nubic vs. Huggy Wuggy, and to advance to the next stage, you have to eliminate all of the creatures on the map.

How To Play Huggy Wuggy?
Be wary of the long claws on Huggy Wuggy's paws, the fangs of large creatures, and stone blocks that are hurtling in your direction. Keep a safe distance from your enemies, and move about the arena consistently to avoid getting trapped in one area. There will be a wide variety of weaponry strewn over the area, including swords, throwing tridents, and even explosives with the ability to stop time. You will be able to turn back a horde of bloodthirsty creatures and save your life if you strategically use all of the perks discussed so far. 

Tips and Tricks in Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy?
However, it would help if you did not let your guard down because when you have cleared ten stages, the enormous boss Huggy Wuggy will appear for you to battle with. He has a blazing desire to exact revenge on you for the deaths of all of his ancestors at your hands during the conflict. Will you have what it takes to defeat him and rid your planet of these dreadful beings? Find out right this instant, will we?

Controls in Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy?
WASD - Move.
LMB - Shoot.
RMB - Aim.
Q-throw weapons
F-pick up weapons
Mouse Wheel - Change weapon.
R - Reload.
Space - Jump.
P - Pause.

Release Date               July 2022
Updated On                   Chicago Time: 13 July 2022 05:52

Type                                 WebGL
HTTPS Ready                 Yes
Mobile Ready                 No
Mobile Mode                  No implemented yet.
Genre                               Minecraft, War, Scary, Action, Zombies, Survive, Boys, WebGL,Unblockedunblocked 66, unblocked 76.

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The Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy game was developed by But you can play the game online for free on 

The Web browser version of the Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

More Information About Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy
Join the action along Nubic in the new Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy game online here on The Nubic Vs Huggy Wuggy game is developed with WebGL technology allows the game to work perfectly in all browsers. If you enjoyed this huggy wuggy game play check our shooting and fighting game to have a blast!

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