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Pixie Dust Powers

Pixie Dust Powers game online free on!
Where you can join a fun Disney XD game free, which is one of our selected Disney girl games that will provide quite a fun adventure; in the Pixie Dust Powers, you will discover the magical realm of Pixie Hollow. Start your exciting journey paced out in multiple stages. In order to advance, you will need to figure out ways to overcome the obstacles you encounter. Most of the time, they will require you to collect ingredients and craft magic potions. However, you can always trade with your fairy friends to get elements easier. In order to move your hero, Zarina, all you need to do is click on the desired location. Watch Zarina fly toward the target!

About Pixie Dust Powers?
Join a new chapter filled with adventure in The Pirate Fairy: Pixie Dust Powers. We will assist you with a bit of Fairy Pirate to collect the magical pollen of elves, which the player will collect. A magic trap on the lake caught her team off guard, and everyone fell asleep peacefully. In addition, now that they have awoken, this pollen is needed. Our heroine will take to the air and fly to various locations throughout the forest. She will fly up to him as soon as she has determined which ingredient she requires. For example, you might come across a drop of dew.

Embark on a magical journey alongside your friends and unlock new horizons!
Deep within the enchanting realm of fairies lie hidden treasures of immense value. These precious supplies can be collected and transformed into enchanted potions, each requiring a unique mini-game to gather the necessary resources. Extend your helping hand to Fawn by clicking on shaking eggs, coaxing them to hatch. This delightful act grants you invaluable feathers, essential ingredients for crafting potions. Aid Silvermist by skillfully dragging the leaf bucket left and right, gathering precious dewdrops that she needs. Rosetta will be grateful as you collect vibrant flower petals by swiftly planting seeds in the ground before the holes fill up. For Iridessa, a simple click and flick of the sunflowers reward you with abundant sources. And to gather the primary ingredient for the fast-flying potion, click on the glowing flowers and watch as birds soar towards it—a truly exhilarating experience!

While these methods are bountiful, other paths exist to acquire your potions' crucial ingredients. Along your enchanting journey, converse with the beautiful fairies you encounter. They hold wisdom and secrets, and with the proper exchange of pixie dust and potions, they can offer you valuable components that may prove elusive. The fairies of Pixie Hollow will become your trusted allies, their guidance paramount to your success!

Once you have assembled all the necessary ingredients, it's time to embark on the next phase—crafting! Click the craft button within the mystical book to commence this delicate process. Detailed instructions will be revealed, guiding you through each meticulous step. With utmost care, add the ingredients, blend them with finesse, and witness the alchemy unfold. As the potions take shape, you will emerge as a true master alchemist, reveling in your extraordinary creations. Remember, the bonds you forge with friends and fairies will pave the way to unimaginable possibilities. Together, you shall traverse this whimsical world, unlocking its wonders and experiencing its magic. May your journey be filled with friendship, adventure, and fulfilling dreams!

How to Play online Pixie Dust Powers!
You will be taken to a unique collection window when you touch it. By moving the bucket, you will be able to collect drops that fall from the grass's leaves. By accumulating the appropriate amount, you will be able to fly further. If you come across a suspended book in the air, click on it. It will provide you with a comprehensive list of the items you must collect. Help Sabrina and the fairy pirates to collect the blue powder. Good luck, and have fun and enjoy other similar Disney games Tinkerbell.

Arrow or W, A, S, D to move
Use the mouse to navigate the game.

Release Date   September 2015

Updated On    15.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game. 

Type                           Html5 
Mobile Mode             Yes   
Mobile ready             Yes   
Platform                     PC, Web browser, and on all mobile devices.
HTTP Ready               Yes
Genre                          GirlsCelebrity, DisneyAction, Adventure, GAMES, UnblockedDisney XD, Mobile, Html5.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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