How to play?

  • Arrows = Drive, Space = Hand Brake, Ctrl = Sirens

Police Interceptor

Do you ever wanted to live the action-packed life of the typical american Police Interception unit? If yes, your training starts right here! Play police interceptor an officer training based action game and familiarize yourself with the black and white cop car before taking your skills onto the mean streets to chase bad guys in this keyboard controlled drive-and-chaser.Learn to control your police wagon under extremely harsh conditions, perform hand brake turns at high speed, let the tires squeal and use the sirens of police.Press key to turn on the flashing lights on the roof. To earn your cop driving licence, race around winding tracks to complete the obstacle training course.Lot's of useful stuff to chase intercept some baddies, isn't it? Much fun here on

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Cool Information & Statistics

This game was added in June 26, 2013 and it was played 3.9k times since then. Police Interceptor is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 3.29 / 5 from 31 votes.