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Rebel Gamio

Rebel Gamio game it's now free on!
Where if you are looking for excitement and competition then this fast place single-player and likewise, multiplayer co-op .io game type is the perfect challenge. Also, if you enjoy the multiplayer race-to-win at the finish line Rebel Gamio, it's the ideal challenge for all ages who want to have fun online! The ability to race across various terrains is provided by gathering your best friends online. Organize your private rooms or meet up with other gamers from across the world. The gameplay will challenge you as well as other players online. You may team up with other players or join a random group of up to ten people at a time. In this online Rebel Gamio parkour game, you may choose your favorite animal skin and see whether your pals can outpace you over a series of static and moving traps and obstacles. Challenge and improve yourself while having a good time with friends or other gamers on the same team. As a bonus, you may race over diverse settings and environments as one of the many different characters available in this 3D cooperative game.
What is the best way to play Rebel Gamio?
This game will keep you engaged for an extended period. Prepare yourself for a severe competition, including a variety of personalities. The road ahead will be filled with several hurdles and problems that you must overcome to succeed. Even though Rebel Gamio is a challenging and entertaining game, it will challenge you to compete and inspire you to study and enhance your playing abilities to win. Your ultimate aim is to win! You will need to demonstrate speed, agility, and intellect to complete the entire obstacle course successfully. Many jobs will require reasoning or awareness on the part of the performer. If you're ready to take part in this exciting race, then let's get this party to begin. We wish you nothing but success in your endeavors! 

Tips and tricks on how to win!
Depending on your game mode, if you are playing solo versus random players from all over the world you can strategies to qualify for the position. To dot that once you will start you will see been first it's now always the best way to win! There are certain doors that need to be opened, that require you to move sideways and activate different mechanisms. So if you are first you will have to do that and the third and fourth players can just get ahead of you. Also, there are different traps and explosions that can be activated to sabotage, slow down or even throw down the other players from the platforms. So try to stay in third place to be able to win, also look for different power-ups to help you gain advantages against other players. There is teleportation, elevators, ladder, and plenty more cool stuff to help you overcome the competition and bring you a victory royale. When you play with a friend all will change because the tasks can be divided, doors can be open faster because you are two, and you can work together to push the other players off the floors. One can stay behind and activate the traps and another player can rush in front to qualify. Doesn't matter who wins the round from the players, the team that wins gets the same points and prices. Meaning if one of you wins the other wins too ;))
Game controls:
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. If you are playing in the single-player mode Move with the "W, A, S, D" or "Arrow keys. No other buttons have required the activation of buttons/objects/traps are done automatically when you approach them.

Release Date     December 2021
Date added       Chicago Time: 17 December 2021 12:32

                         WebGL ( subtype html5 )
Developer                Functu
Mobile Mode           Yes
Platform                   Web browser (desktop and mobile)
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 Running, Parkour, Multiplayer, IO games, 1 player, WebGL.

Game Features
  • Enjoy a fun running, dashing, and jumping .io game and fall guys-style game with animals skins.
  • Play against other players from over the world, or join the single-player mode.
  • Detailed 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Run, dodge, and don't get hit and thrown by the moving objects/traps.
  • You can customize your character or select from different skins available in the shop.
  • Use different power-ups to gain advantages like bombs, teleportation gates, and others to win!
  • HTTPS ready and full mode screen available.
  • Easy to play and addicting game-play.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Rebel Gamio
Prepare to join the most adrenaline-pumping runner from 2021 provided by Funtu the developer of the ''Adam and Eve'' series online here on! The Rebel Gamio it's pretty similar to a fall guys game style providing addicting gameplay been optimized to work on all devices. This makes the game very useful for players that can join also from browsers or mobile and play against each other. If you enjoyed this fun multiplayer cooperation game make sure you try other games from our fall guys game list. Good luck and have fun!


For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Rebel Gamio online here on

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