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    Jump/ Tap Twice To Double Jump
    Use Dash Of Death

Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal

Robot Unicorn Attack  Heavy Metal game it's free on!
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal welcomes you with the continuation of "Attack of the Unicorn," a fun game to play with your friends. That is a musical voyage into one's subconsciousness. While riding a majestic stallion into the unknown, you will be able to explore magnificent soundscapes of fantasy. Keep pressing the appropriate buttons to avoid collisions and soar over potentially harmful snags. Travel to the edge of the known universe, overcome innumerable obstacles and make new friends along the way. Today, we'd want to draw your awareness to the robot Unicorn, who will go on a new mission in which we'll assist this unicorn in overcoming the hurdles that stand in his way, as we did previously. He wishes for our help in overcoming them. As a reminder, it can morph into numerous creatures, such as the panda or the dragon, depending on the situation. You will be from the game mode, that this is an action game in which you must collect bonuses while avoiding various obstacles and traps to succeed. So, are you ready to start running?

What is the story behind Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal?
As a result, expect rock-themed adventures this time around. Heavy Metal enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the original music has been included in the game, and the stars have been altered to hexagons. Fire, skulls, and blackness surrounded us. Heavy Metal in its purest form. As is customary, you will assist the unicorn robot in overcoming any hurdles that stand in its way. Collect small fairies and use them to destroy the stars. Play and attempt to reach the end of the road as quickly as possible! We hope you have a wonderful time!

What is the best way to play Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal?
The mechanical animal moves in a smooth, automated motion from one side to the other. We want to keep it alive for as long as we possibly can! A collision with something or falling off the stage results in instantaneous death. To bypass this, look for possible threats and take appropriate precautions. Press Z once or twice for a single or double jump, respectively. To dash, press X in the same way you did for sprinting. Make use of the later technique to get around certain obstacles. Make an effort to last long enough to beat your previous best score. After viewing the splendour of this virtual spectacular, you will never look at gaming the same way again. Challenge your perceptions of physical reality in Robot Unicorn Attack, available for free on the internet. Start a brief session in any popular browser without installing anything and prepare to have an extraordinary experience.

How do you control the Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal game?
-Using the keyboard to play Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is necessary.

Jump with the letter Z.
-The greater the jump arc, the longer you keep the Z button down.
-You can jump again by hitting the Z button a second time while in mid-air.
-The letter X represents a dash.
-Use a dash to break through any pentagrams in your way and earn points for doing so.

Release Date    February 2022
Type                           Html5
Mobile Mode            No    
Mobile ready             No 
Platform                     PC, and Web browser.
Categories                  ArcadeBoysSurviveRunSkillRobotAbilityHorse1 Player, WebGL, Html5Cool Math.

HTTPS  ready              Yes

The Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal game was developed by AdultSwing. But you can play online for free on

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The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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Can you still play Robot Unicorn Attack?
Robot Unicorn Attack is no longer accessible for iOS, and it is only available on Android through the Amazon app store, where it was previously available. But there are a cute few online versions of the ''Robot Unicorn Attack'' game from the series that you can play unblocked here on

What is Robot Unicorn Attack? has many "Robot Unicorn Attack" series, all of which are free to play. We can agree that Robot Unicorn Attack is a fantastic game that has been developed into an arcade game and an infinite running genre to great effect. On our website, you can play Robot Unicorn Attack unblocked in your browser without downloading anything.

How to play Robot Unicorn Attack?
In this endless run-and-an-arcades-style survival game, the controls are simple. The unicorn will run; you only have to press the Z key to jump and the X key to use the dash of death. In some versions of the ''Robot Unicorn Attack,'' the game is played only with the mouse on other keyboards. But also bought the newest Robot Unicorn Attack.

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