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Rum & Gun

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Rum & Gun the game it's a fun action pack adventure game with a mighty pirate that you can pay directly in your browser here on Rum & Gun it's one of our selected 3D shooting and Rpg game classified in our classic category with games offered here on our website. Start your journey along the Indian Ocean where you sail with boats, fight against pirates with swords, and shooting weapons. Try to survive the creatures of the sea like gigantic crabs, sharks, snakes, and many more meat-eating creatures. Use your sword and fights with other sword fighters and also try to avoid the bullets from the pirates with weapons until you kill them and take their guns. To play the game use the arrow keys to move the pirated player and the mouse to aim and shoot or fight. When you get off the boat the action begins, so try to get used to the game settings collect gold for each kill, and also the yellow bottles that will recharge your health by pressing the E key and drinking it. Your life and stamina are placed on the right side of the game interface so make sure you always check it when you are fighting other pirates and monsters if it gets to low retreat and drink some healing potions to restore your life and power. Collect weapons that you can store in the inventory, helmets, knives, swords, vests, and bots, where each of the items has different stats. After placing them in the inventory you must use the right-click to unblock and use them. Compare the damage of the items and equipped the ones more powerful to get an advantage in fights. Collect bombs and use them when fighting the boss creature's crabs and water elements. For the gigantic crabs, explosions will deal a lot of damage but for the water elements, the gun power from weapons kills them easier. Use the scroll to switch better weapons fast and press click 2 for a fast charge or if you want to sprint and escape from fights. Find other friendly pirates and use their help on the mission and use wisely the bobs when you fight horse of monsters and groups of pirates. When you are fighting log rage shooting pirated try to keep your pirate player movies if you stop you will die. Use the mouse to zoom in on the minimap to see your location and. gather as many gold coins that will be your treasure and enjoy this fun demo of the Rum & Gun game here on and if you like the game you can download the updated version from steam to play it online. If you enjoy this epic fun pirate game for ps4 and sure you play other games with pirates like War of Caribbean Pirates
Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Assassins Creed Pirates. Good luck!

Release Date
December 2019

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Type                             WebGL
Platform                      PC, Web browser, Android, and Steam.
HTTPS Ready               Yes
Mobile Ready              No
Mobile Mode              No
Genre                           Rpg, Adventure, Realistic

Rum & Gun the game was developed by Borington. Who also has developed the 3D defense game called Flakmeister.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.
Use W, A, S, D, or arrow keys to drive
Press the R key to reload
Press Q key to sprint
Press the scroll button to change weapons
Press the Esc button to pause the game.

  • Awesome realistic 3D graphics with beautiful detailed pirates, sea, monster, and levels.
  • On-screen tips and tricks to help you get better at the game
  • Fight with swords, pistols, and use bombs to fight monsters and pirates.
  • Inventory to keep items found.
  • Collect gold, weapons, and gun powder to stay in the game longer.
  • Use the bombs to fight the boss creatures and monsters.
  • Challenging but adding game-play.

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Rum & Gun
Enjoy playing this 3D realistic pirates games with great graphics and an addicting game here on Rum & Gun it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this fun pirates game ps4 and want to play more similar pirates games pc make sure you explore our website and have fun!


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This game was added in June 19, 2020 and it was played 1.3k times since then. Rum & Gun is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 5.00 / 5 from 12 votes.