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Simple Checkers

Simple Checkers game it's now unblocked on BrightestGames!
Checkers is a straightforward board game that takes place on a square playing area that is segmented into cells. Checkers can travel anywhere on the field, spanning eight squares by eight squares and having a maximum of 64 cells. Each queen can only move in a diagonal direction and can only move one cell at a time. Checkers that are played as single pieces can only travel in one way toward their opponent, but checkers that are played as kings can move in either direction, forward or backward.

About Simple Checkers?
The game can be played either with one or two players simultaneously. Everything is straightforward! In the first mode, you compete against a machine that is not very difficult to beat due to its low level of complexity. There is a particular game board on the screen for you to see. Pieces in black and white will be supported by it. For example, you might choose to play black. To proceed, you must follow a set of rules. You'll need to take out the enemy's fragments when the chance arises. To be declared the winner, a player must either destroy or block all of the opponent's pieces. The second mode allows you to compete against any other player—a friend, sibling, or another family member—using the same computer as you, and it's a lot of fun in this Simple Checkers unblocked here on Brightestgames!

How To Play Simple Checkers? 
The game has extremely straightforward instructions to follow! Each player has their own set of 12 checkers, with one colour being black and the other being white. Each player moves in turn; if they jump with one another's pieces, they can capture the opponent's chess pieces. The space behind the adversary's piece must be vacant for the jump to be possible. At that exact time, it is possible to defeat even multiple checkers if there are free cells to jump between them. A queen that has advanced to the final row behind the adversary's lines is elevated to the status of king and granted the ability to move wherever on the playing field. The winner of the game is the participant who finishes with the fewest remaining pieces. And the winner is the one who was the first to either lose all of their pieces or become immobile. To become the finest checkers player possible, you must win game after game.

Use the mouse to navigate and click to play the game.

Release Date        Tuesday, August 09.08.2022
Date added           Chicago Time: 9 August 2022 13:45

Type                          Html5
Sub Type                 Javascript                  
Mobile ready           Yes
Https Ready             Yes
Gender                       PuzzleBrainLearningArcadePuzzleConnectMatchingThinkingUnblockedunblocked games 76, Cool Math GamesStrategy.

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The Simple Checkers game was developed by Wiktor Sacharczuk. But you can play the game online for free on

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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Have fun with this online checker game unblocked that can be played free on The Simple Checkers game is developed with html5 technology, allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers and mobile devices. If you enjoy this game, try other brain games online to have a blast.

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