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Simulator Of A Powerful Truck ZIL 130

Simulator of a Powerful Truck ZIL 130 Overview!
🚚Welcome to and the exhilarating world of the Russian truck driving simulator, ZIL 130! Prepare to showcase your driving prowess with powerful ZIL and KAMAZ trucks and embark on thrilling cargo transportation missions. Whether you're navigating through bustling city streets or conquering rugged off-road terrain, this simulator offers an immersive experience like no other. 

Dive into the free driving mode and explore the vast, open world at your own pace. Your journey doesn't stop with trucks. Add iconic Soviet cars such as the VAZ 2106, Niva 4x4, Lada Priora, and Gazelle minibus to your garage. Test your skills against another UAZ 4x4 SUV in race mode and prove you're the ultimate truck driver ready for real road adventures!

How to Play
Your main objective is to transport goods to designated locations. The journey is fraught with challenges, including unforgiving terrain where getting stuck can pose real dangers. Managing your resources, like gasoline and energy, is crucial. You can rest overnight at hotels to regain your strength, but beware of the low air temperatures, which will require you to heat up periodically to maintain optimal performance.

As you advance in the game, your driver level increases, unlocking new equipment and upgrades for your truck. Earnings from missions can be invested in enhancing your vehicle's capabilities. In the garage, you can improve the driving characteristics of your Kamaz, add protective grilles to the front and back, and install various other add-ons to make your truck more robust and unique. Upgrade your truck's protection against weather damage and personalize it with a new paint job.

Survival in Extreme Conditions
The extreme conditions in the forest demand careful attention to your driver's well-being. Ensure you stop to refresh and rest overnight at hotels to keep your energy levels up. Monitoring your heat levels and body temperature is crucial for survival in the harsh Taiga environment.

Game Features

  1. Explore a Vast Open World: The expansive world of Taiga awaits, offering diverse landscapes and challenges.
  2. Day and Night Cycle: Experience the thrill of driving through different times of the day with unique challenges and stunning visuals.
  3. Multiple Vehicles: Apart from trucks, drive iconic Soviet cars like the VAZ 2106, Niva 4x4, Lada Priora, and Gazelle minibus.
  4. Customization and Upgrades: Enhance your vehicle's performance and aesthetics with a range of upgrades and customizations.
  5. Realistic Driving Experience: Navigate through realistic terrains and weather conditions that affect your driving.

Driving Controls

On PC:
WASD: Control the character and transportation.
Spacebar: Brake.

On Mobile:
Utilize the on-screen buttons and joysticks for smooth control.

Embark on a Trucking Adventure
Get behind the wheel and enjoy the ultimate trucking experience on With a blend of realistic driving mechanics, challenging missions, and a variety of vehicles, the ZIL 130 simulator offers endless hours of entertainment. Explore, drive, and conquer the rugged terrains of the Taiga. Whether it's day or night, your adventures are filled with excitement and real challenges. Are you ready to take on the open road? 🚛 Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

Experience the thrill of driving, the satisfaction of completing missions, and the joy of exploring a beautifully crafted world. Play now and become the master of the road in this incredible truck-driving simulator! 🌟

Release Date:               July 2024
Date added:                  Chicago Time: 3 July 2024 03:26

Type                                     WebGL - Html5
HTTPS Ready                    Yes
Mobile Ready                      Yes
Mobile Mode                        Yes
Developer                         GMD
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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 5

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More Information About Simulator of a powerful truck ZIL 130
An online simulation of the formidable ZIL 130 truck is now accessible, offering an authentic experience of operating a strong vehicle. The Simulator of a strong truck ZIL 130, excels on both new and old gaming platforms due to its use of intricate WebGL technology. By engaging in captivating activities on our website, such as searching for employment as an American Truck Driver, you may be certain of a delightful experience.


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