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Skibidi Toilets: Infestation

What Is Skibidi Toilets: Infestation?
Enter the bizarre "Skibidi Toilets: Infection" world where chaos reigns supreme! As the city's streets get overrun with Skibidi Toilet monsters, you step into the shoes of a Cameraman Agent, the only line of defence against this porcelain madness.

But it's not just about battling monstrous toilets. Your fellow cameramen have fallen victim to a mysterious infection, turning them into Skibidi minions. You must cleanse the city and save your colleagues with your trusty anti-parasite gun.

Game Overview:

  • Role: Become the Cameraman Agent, a saviour armed with a particular weapon designed to eliminate the Skibidi Toilet monsters and cure infected agents.
  • Enemies: From fast-moving baby Skibidis to hulking Skibidi elites, every toilet monster presents its unique challenge.
  • Allies: As you rescue infected cameramen, they join your ranks, helping you in this odd battle.

How to Play:

  1. Navigate through the chaotic city streets, looking for Skibidi Toilet monsters.
  2. Use your anti-parasite gun to destroy the toilets and cure infected agents. Every shot counts!
  3. Team up with saved agents. They'll aid your mission, covering fire or flushing out hidden enemies.
  4. Rack up points with every successful rescue and destruction, aiming for the highest score.
  5. Remember, strategy is vital. Some Skibidi toilets are trickier than others.

Dive into this wacky world and take on the Skibidi challenge. In order to successfully eliminate these contagious organisms, it is imperative to complete all assigned assignments. Engaging in this endeavour will not only contribute to the eradication of these monsters but also provide an enjoyable experience. Can you flush away the menace and bring peace to the city? Only time will tell! So, gear up, aim right, and let the toilet hunting begin!

Release Date:     August 2023
Date added          Chicago Time: 1 October 2023

Type                                       WebGL - Html5
Mobile Mode                        No
Developer                         Bornis Gamelab
Platform                                 PC and Web browsers devices.
HTTPS Ready                      Yes
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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

More Information About Skibidi Toilets: Infestation
Empty the Skibidi toilets and use your anti-parasite pistol to rid your fellow cameramen in a captivating first-person shooter now available for play on the BrightestGames. Individuals using this platform have the opportunity to engage in the intellectually stimulating and dynamic Skibidi Toilets: Infestation game, whereby they assume the role of the protagonist. Additionally, I would like to kindly remind you to visit our website, where you have the opportunity to engage in simulated conflicts on our platform. Wishing you the best of luck!

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