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Slice Chef: Food Survivor

What Is Slice Chef: Food Survivor?
Step into the wild and whimsical world of Slice Arena, a fun 3D food survivor, where the line between predator and prey gets deliciously blurred! This thrilling survival game takes culinary combat to a whole new level. No longer the passive ingredients in a chef's dish, the fruits and vegetables have risen in rebellion. And in a twist of fate, they're hungry for the chef!

As a brave chef who ventured into his garden seeking fresh ingredients, you find yourself ambushed by a horde of ferocious fruits and vindictive vegetables. From menacing tomatoes to berserk bananas, they’re all out to make a meal out of you. Can you chop your way to safety in this world turned upside down?

Game MechanicsImmerse yourself in the expansive farm terrain, but beware – the seemingly tranquil orchard teems with frenzied fruits and vengeful veggies. Your trusty kitchen knife is your first line of defense, letting you slice and dice your way out of trouble. As you bravely battle these edible enemies, they drop experience crystals. Accumulate these crystals and level up to unlock a smorgasbord of upgrades. Choose wisely, as each upgrade offers unique advantages that can change the course of the game.

As you progress, your culinary arsenal expands. Wield a swift katana, employ a high-tech slicer, or even deploy a battle drone tailored for food warfare. The challenges escalate with each stage, but so do the rewards. Master your movement, strategize your slashes, and always stay a step ahead of the relentless produce pursuing you.

And just when you think you've got the upper hand, brace yourself for the ultimate challenge – the boss fights. These formidable food foes will test your skills and determination. Conquer them, and you advance to even more challenging terrains, each with its unique set of unruly edibles.

Slice Chef: The Food Rebellion is not just a game; it's a gourmet gauntlet! Do you have the chops to withstand this culinary onslaught and emerge as the top chef? Dive in and find out if you can cut it! Good luck, Chef!

Release Date             September 2023
Date Added                Chicago Time: 20 September 2023

Type                              HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Platform                       PC, Web browser, and also on mobile devices.
HTTPS Ready              Yes
Developer                     FreePDA
Mobile Ready               Yes
Genre                             IOMultiplayer, Battle Royale, Survive, Kids, HTML5, Unblocked, Boys, Cool Math Games, 3D, GAMESunblocked 66, unblocked 76, Unblocked Games to Play on school.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

The web browser of the Slice Chef: Food Survivor game version will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information About Slice Chef: Food Survivor
Are you prepared to dash and lice those crazy-grown vegetables that are ready to eat you alive? Then, you should participate in this unblocked Slice Arena, which can be found on The HTML5 technology used in developing the Slice Chef: Food Survivor game will ensure that the game runs properly on any browser-based device. If you enjoyed playing this fun .io multiplayer game, you should check out some other survival games on this website. Good luck!

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