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Snowball Fight with Smurfs Description

Enjoy this fun game for kids with smurfs online, where you must take part in a fun and challenging Snowball Fight with Smurfs. In these smurfs games, the smurfs are enjoying the first snow from this year with a fun snowball fight that involves all the villages. To play the game use the mouse to throw snowballs at the other smurfs, but before make sure you aim and the shoot. With the press of the key spacebar, you will refill your stock of snowballs. Taking part in this snow fight the smurf you are playing with, has isolated himself and is you versus all! Your cartoon character wants to prank all his other brothers. In the game for each smurf hit you will receive a point, the farther you hit them the more point you get. You can also trough snowballs to earn bonus seconds. So make sure you focus on the smurfs from the back to get as many points as possible. If you manage to hit the yellow cat that is chasing the other smurfs you will receive extra points also for Gargamel that is hiding under the tree. But watch out there are sly smurfs like you that will hit you back with snowballs. For each snowball, you get hit you will lose some points. Enjoy this epic free online hames with your favorite cartoons the Smurfs from Disney and have a blast this winter.


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