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Sonic 3D Explosion: Flicky Island

Sonic 3D Explosion: Flicky Island game it's now online free on!
Where you can join an old school game with Sonic and friends in the so-called Sega "Sonic 3D Explosion: Flicky Island. Which is a platform game from the next generation that has won over the affections of many fans of the Blue Hedgehog! In this game series, you are tasked with rescuing Sonic's friends, gathering the seven Emerald Chaos, and vanquishing Doctor Robotnik. In the tale, Eggman comes across some peculiar birds known as Flickies, who inhabit an island in a parallel universe. They, like Sonic, can travel through rings. The Doctor has the brilliant idea of capturing the birds and transforming them into robots to search for the emeralds once more. Are you all set to venture on your exciting, unique journey?
How to Play Sonic 3D Explosion: Flicky Island?
It is necessary to use Sonic's superpower to be victorious against Eggman's minions. This is the only method that will successfully destroy the malicious robots. In that case, the Hedgehog will damage and lose any rings it had previously collected, and it will be impossible to get those rings back. In addition, this location features fantastic levels that test your agility and quickness in various ways. We wish you enjoy yourself and have a lot of uncertainty in the game!
What is the Story in Sonic 3D Explosion: Flicky Island?
There is a mysterious atoll on this planet that goes by the name of Flicky Island, and it is located somewhere in the great oceans. The land that is home to the race of Flicky Birds, which are completely harmless winged beings, is shrouded in myth and legend, and there are rumours that they are connected to the Chaos Emeralds in some way. These rumours pique the interest of the nefarious Dr Eggman, a particularly evil genius and the most sworn adversary of a certain blue hedgehog. The Doctor, still smarting from his previous failures to acquire the gems, decides to locate the island, establish a shop there, and attempt to discover what is concealed within it. Eggman notices a massive golden ring floating over the landscape as he conducts routine surveillance. Suddenly, a group of Flickies appears out of nowhere and begins to perch on a nearby tree. After a brief moment, they take flight back in the direction from which they came, passing through the middle of the Dimensional Ring, and dissipating once more. Eggman is so shocked by what he has just seen that he can hardly contain his excitement. So they inhabit a different dimension.
How to beat Dr Eggman in Flicky Island?
Dr Eggman doesn't waste any time and immediately puts another plan into action. He plans to finally get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds by capturing the Flickies, putting them in robots, and then using the robots to harness the Flickies' power. Sonic the Hedgehog and his companions decide to travel to Flicky Island simultaneously, unbeknownst to the crazed Doctor. As Sonic makes his way into the outskirts of the Green Grove, he searches for his animal companions. Instead, he comes across a scene that's all too familiar: mechanical creatures roaming the countryside. Our protagonist busts open the first Badnik with a single spin attack, revealing a Flicky that had been hiding inside. It does not take Sonic very long to figure out that Eggman must be responsible for this. Now that the Flickies have been captured, it is up to Sonic to free them, bring them back to their dimension without incident, and collect the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman can do so.
What is the actual gameplay from the Sega console-like?
Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island is essentially a spiritual sequel to the 1984 arcade game Flicky, developed and published by Sega. In a manner analogous to that between Chirp and Flicky, Sonic's primary objective is to locate all Flickies in a particular region and lead them to the target. After reaching this point, the player will be able to proceed to either the next section of the level or the next Act of the game. The playing field is shown at an isometric, 45-degree angle, in contrast to the traditional two-dimensional gameplay of the classic Sonic titles. This presentation style is comparable to the visual style of the Game Gear title Sonic Labyrinth, which was released in the 1990s. Even though everything is still based on sprites, the camera creates the impression that Sonic is in a 3D world by showing that he can see everything around him rather than just left and right. There are always five Flickies that need to be brought to the goal ring, regardless of where the game is in its progression. They can be sent back to their home dimension one at a time, all at once, or to any degree in the middle, but the maximum amount of points that can be earned is guaranteed only when five of them are sent back simultaneously. If you want to learn more about this game you can visit info.sonicretro.

Release Date     11.09.1996
Date added       Chicago Time: 18 May 2022 07:11

Platform                 PC, Web browser and Sega.
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Gender                    Kids, Nick Jr, Cartoons, Mario, Arcade, Ability, Cool Mario, Retro, Classic, Old, Pixel, 1 Player, Boys, GAMES.

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