Click here to play this game! Description the game it's a low poly top-down action clone of the famous Fortnite game, that you can play on browsers and mobile devices for free on it's one of our selected multiplayer and battle royale game classified the list of .io games offered free on our website. In the game like in all io. survival games you must be the last man standing-surviving to win the game. Sounds easy no? But what is unique in this battle royale game is its fantasy elements, like weapons, spells, and skins. Learn magic skills and collect all sorts of magic sticks, wands while you learn the elemental powers and use them to damage or annihilate the other players. Like a typical battle royale game you must strive to play inside the zone that is shrinking every 4 minutes, and if you get caught inside you will slowly die. Fly with dragons and jump from them in some of the most remote areas on the map to stay away from the other players, while looting up with mana and the best weapons, to be ready to destroy your competitors on the map. Do your best and have fun in this 2D fantasy-themed game search for the most primitive projectile weapons like the ''canon'' hide under threes and aim to blast the player in this fun online real-time action-packed PvP game.


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