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Traffic Light Challenge Description

We desperately need someone who can deal with crisis situations. Can you control the traffic to a hole city? This new game of ours ''Traffic Light Challenge'' that you will find it here on is looking for a control traffic. Are you in? If you are, then join us in this new adventure where you need to get everyone safe and in time for their meetings, schools or jobs. you will have some abilities that will help you make it easier. Here they are: slow mode- this will slow down the time; fast mode- that will speed up the time; money car mode- this will spawn only money cars and the last one is ghost car mode that will make the cars go through each other. Are you ready to make some money? Let us see you in action in our new exclusive game ''Traffic Light Challenge''. If you like it, then you can share it with your friends and see who is a better player. Good luck and try to keep calm in this chaotic city. Enjoy!


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