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Which is one of our selected battle royale games classified in the list of .io games offered here on our website. If you are a big fan of the classic this brand new replacement or clone of the game is the game you are playing now online called In games like on all io games, the goal of the game is to grow by feeding the cells with food or energy that is scattered all over the arena. As you move slowly you will eat many types of colored dots, this will make your size increase exponentially. This will be boring at the beginning because you move slowly, but what makes this fun game is by pressing the spacebar you can divide your bubbles into other tiny bubbles that seem to move faster and can eat the food in front of you.

Also when you are larger enough there will be more minor players beside you that will try to steal your food you can press the spacebar and release some fast bullets to absorb the smaller enemies and make you even more significant. Also, if you are small enough but also smart enough, you can stay close to big players that are fighting and spreading their smaller bubbles. This it's dangerous but a quick way to eat fast gowned bubbles and gain a lot of mass.

Tips and Tricks in it's classified as an game because of the most played mode called Ultra Split 1v1, which can host up to 263 players competing in the same arena. Also, explore and have fun with the other game modes like Megasplit 1, which can host up to 26 players. Second, BIG-FFA 3 can host up to 179 players. The third is called Instant 2 and can host up to 40 players. The fourth is called Self-feed 3 and can hold up to 24 players. The fifth one is called Crazy two and can hold up to 79 players. The sixth mode is called fast-split three and can host up to 33 players. The seven-game mode is Mega-Dual 2 and can host up to 42 players on the same server. The eight-game mode is Ultrasplit 3 and can host up to 73 players on the same server. What is fun in this game you can press enter and chat with other players while playing or spectating others. Have fun in this remade io games multiplayer and also explore other similar games like 2,, and Good luck, and have a blast playing the best games of .io here on all day!

Release Date    The game was released in September 2019
Date added       Chicago Time: 16 April 2020 02:56

HTTPS ready      yes

Mobile ready     Yes

Developer LLC

Platform            PC and Web browser

Gender                         SportsKidsAbilitiesHtml5WinterSnowNew YearIceChristmasUnblockedunblocked games 76Cool Math GamesUnblocked Games To Play At School.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

New updates on 19 April 2020
-added the levels 250
-added the levels 300

Tricks and Tips that are good to know about the game
-Some of the players frequently asked questions!
1. Where I can find skins from the game or even
-To be able to download skins from and also that started from 2016 and up to 2019 you can go here and download free png skills to integrate into the game.
2. Is there any way to get and bots?

The developers of have only been permitted to play in the Crazy mode and be able to use the bots.

3. With so many skins they are free!
-Some skins as mentioned, can be downloaded, also others can be unblocked from Facebook, and slot the most beautiful skins can only be unblocked if you have a certain level.

4. How can I restrict insulting language in the game?

-You can uncheck the option "Names" before you start the game. Remember, it will not appear on the names blobs, and chat is disabled.

5. If I play the game and have lag( what can I do?)

-Make sure you check something like:

-The apps running or updating in the background?

-Restarting your browser.

-Try disabling custom skins in the options menu. Custom skins must be downloaded which can cause lag.

  • Great simple 2D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • game is the replacement for so make sure you play it online for free.
  • 9 different types of modes are available in the game
  • Free Skins can be downloaded(skin from and integrated by the developers in the games if you email them.
  • Reconding is coming soon.
  • The most played game mode is the ultra split 1v1 that can host up to 263.
  • You can create an account to save your progress and your level up.
  • Some skins can be unblocked on Facebook, and others only at a certain level.

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Here on, you can play freely in your browser unblocked. We make sure to keep the games unblocked if you want to play them, even from schools, libraries, and other location that restricts access to the games. Enjoy these fun io games free and good luck with the game.

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Enjoy fun similar agario games where you control cells and grow them directly in your browser here on it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Enjoy these awesome io games list added on our website. And also explore other similar fun io games. Good luck and have a blast!

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of online here on

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