Click here to play this game! Description the game it's a fun action-packed .io battle royale game like Fortnite with guns and dinosaurs that you can play on browsers for free on Tyran .io games it's one of our selected .io survival game classified in our multiplayer and also in or top list of .io games offered free on our website. As you play the game first make a free account to be able to use emotes and choose the free skins offered by the game. As you are thrown into the battlefield like in the Fortnite game the map will restrict you by shrinking so players need to find loot and fight to survive in the safe zone. But what is different in this battle royale .io game is that you can search for the dinosaur eggs and rise and tame the dinosaurs to have an advantage against other players. As you play a few minutes and hide, loot make sure you look on the map to see the gas that is moving and the other players. As the dinosaurs are hatched you can ride then and hunt another player, you will move faster and can easily overcome the other player that can have weapons. Just stay ways or avoid the players that throw grenades they will damage your dinosaur a lot and even kill it! Search for the legendary weapons to help you fight more than one player at once, hide inside the building and shoot the player because you can see them from inside but then can see you from outside. If you get killed by other players you have many options you can restart and join the game again, or you can spectate the game to see the top 10 players who will fight for the victory royale. If you enjoy this good .io game make sure you explore similar survival io games like,, and many more cool multiplayer .io games!

Release Date
The game was released on September 2020

Use the W, A, S, D, or the arrow keys to move.
Press the E key to pick up weapons.
Press the Shift to run or drift in the car
Click the left mouse button to throw the weapon.
Click the right mouse button to shoot
Press the number buttons to switch weapons

Platform                      PC, and Web browser.
Http Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready              No
Mobile Mode               No
Genre                           Shooting, Survival, Multiplayer
Developer is developed by LapaMauve, who has also developed other io games like and You can play all three io survival games online for free on

Web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 16

Games In This Series/Similar games

  • Enjoy a fun top view 2D survival io game like Fortnite.
  • Simple graphics with vibrant colors.
  • You can play with many different looking skins characters if you have an account.
  • Search for the legendary weapons to do more damage.
  • Always try to stay in the safe zone.
  • You can ride dinosaurs to have an advantage versus other players.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Playable in full screen.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information About
Have fun online with this io shooting game from the year 2020 that provides a captivating game-play. it's developed with html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this awesome cool io game shooting online make sure you explore and play more from our selected list of io games offered!
News & Game Updates
The game has been updated many times since it's release. The graphics colors have been improved, optimized, bringing a new balance to the game. With a lot of bugs, fixed optimizations, and speed loading. You can now play the game and have a blast in this epic battle royale game.
Update 18 August 2020
-Added golden Spear Machete, Saber, and Axe
-Added the Steel Sword and Viking Axe.
-Reduced the grenade damage and smoke timer
-Reduced the dinosaurs life and their damages against players
-Increased pick up radius
Update 07 August 2020
-Added settings with the possibility to change game keys
-The ammo associated with each weapon is now displayed
-You can no longer spawn in buildings
-Display locked emote and skins
-Fixed bugs in the map editor
Update 03 August 2020
-Increased the range to open the doors
-Increased the amount of ammo we loot
-Increased the number of nests
-Reduced sound


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