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    Open Invetory game is a fun multiplayer battle royale 3D shooting game with a pixel theme style that you can play on browsers for free on is one of our selected Fortnite io game survival classified in our list of .io games offered free on our website. Join the action in this multiplayer action-packed where 100 players will battle to stay alive and win the victory royale. What is unique in this 3D first-person shooter that is similar to Minecraft is that you can destroy the map ground and modify it to your advantage by using blocks, guns, and shovels. Before the game starts, you are placed on a voxel island world until the players are ready. 

There you can shoot other players and use the shovel to get used to the game's physiques. When the game starts, you are thrown from the top of the sky, falling down on the island but don't worry, the parachute will open, and you will make it safely to the ground. As you land, try to see where the chest and the wood boxes are paces and guide the parachute toward them. When you are down, use the shovel to break the containers that will provide you with weapons and all sorts of items you need to survive. Be fast, loot up, and then start searching for the other players to eliminate them. As you roam the map, you can destroy the blocks like in any regular Minecraft game; with the blocks destroyed, you will get resources that you can use to modify the ground, build a wall, or place blocks on the water to make bridges and other cool stuff. 

You can't spare too much time building houses or bunkers to protest yourself; the game is set in a face-place that will only last six minutes. Then the zone will shrink, forcing players to engage in combat, so look on the minimap and see when the red zone is moving to be able to run with the shit button and stay alive. If you want to avoid fights, you can build a single block or a wall. This depends on the type of resource you have gathered. Also, some materials have different proprieties, some are softer and break more easily, and others are hard to break. The most resistant blocks are from the stone environment, so make sure you gather as many as possible. As you run from the zone or the other player, you need to know that running with weapons will slow you down; switch to hands mode to have a fast run. Also, to sprint for a short period of time, use the shift key. 

As you gather items and resources, you can place them in the 5 Hotbar slots, 5 storage slots, and 5 ammo slots. What is different from the normal PVP maps is a good thing that you will pick up items automatically without having to press the ''F'' or ''E'' keys. Be fast and shoot with the best accuracy to shoot your enemies down one by one. Also, take advantage of the houses,  tall mountains, pits, and other places that could give you the advantage to shoot the other players easier. Enjoy this fun PVP battle royale game on for free and try other similar Minecraft io games like Pixel and Good luck, and enjoy this best Fortnite io game.

To jump/climb, hold the SHIFT key and press the Spacebar. If you press only the spacebar, the game interface will scroll down.

How to play
Use W to walk forward
Use S to walk backwards
Use A to Walk left
Use D to Walk right
Use the Space to Jump
Use the X to Open Inventory.
Use the left-click and right-click of the mouse to swap items.
Use Hold C to Crouch
Use Hold Shift to Sprint
Use the Hold Tab to View the Map
Use the Left Mouse Button to take Primary action on the item: Shoot / Use Item / Consume Item.
Use the Right Mouse Button for Secondary action on the item: Aim / Switch block placement mode.

Release Date  August 2020
Date added      Chicago Time: 13 September 2020 11:02
Updated On    10.11.2022

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Web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 7

Pierre-Eli Normandeau developed You can play all of the games online for free on

Tips and tricks
-The fog will be more deadly as the area island is smaller. This means that at the beginning of the game, the fog will deal less damage, and when the area is smaller and shrinks, the gas will kill you faster.

- because the game only lasts six-minute you have to be fast and move all the time to stay alive.
-The blocks and shovels are composed of different materials and shapes, meaning you can find some shovels that will deal more damage to the ground and also in fights.
-A shovel with a higher tier can easily break even the stone walls.
-If you want to run, don't run with your weapon. It will slow you down.
-The inventory can be opened with the X key and can hold up to 15 times, materials and weapons.
-Always search and drink the shield potions to have extra hp. You have 100 hp and 100 shields.

Initial release version


  • Enjoy a nice blocky Minecraft .io battle royal game inspired by the famous Fortnite.
  • Awesome-looking low poly 3D graphics with a Minecraft theme.
  • Many blocky characters to play with characters.
  • The game is in the beta version and only has the Battle Rolaye mode available.
  • There are four servers you can pay on US East, US West, Europe, and Asia.
  • Nice music, animations, and physiques.
  • You can drag weapons, healing kits, and more in five inventory spots.
  • Tips on how to play the game and updates available on the game interface.
  • Inventory.
  • You can join Discord and play with your friends or other players from all over the world.
  • Addicting gameplay.

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It's a fun, pure game of Fortnite where you must survive to be the last man standing. has captivating gameplay and is free to play online on The game is developed with HTML5 technology, allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed Fortnite io, you could also try the best .io games shooting and .io survival.

Watch Video Instruction, YouTube gameplay, and tips from for free on

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