Scrap Metal Description

At the beginning of this project called Scrap Metal, there was just a goal to create a game without any goal. But with freedom of playing. That's the thing, which allows every player to find his own goal in the game. According to his fantasy.
For example, achieve the top speed with a Pagani Zonda (the size of the map is designed for it), perform various tricks with cars (the game allows turn slow motions), modify the map by moving with obstacles... Or just a make Scrap Metal from cars. For this purpose, you can use six awesome cars, while each one has different driveability. Which one will your most favorite? The Ford Mustang, Pagani Zonda, Nissan GT-R, Jeep Cherokee, Mini Cooper or Ken Block's Ford Fiesta? Use all possibilities which our game Scrap Metal offers and make an awesome video on Youtube.
We will find it and very like watching it. Note: The game requires higher PC performance. Enjoy the madness brought by this epic car game from pacogames and have fun online. Good luck!
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Scrap Metal is made by Ciorbyn.


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