Wild Rhino Hunter Description

Are you looking for a fun 3D rhino hunting games online? To hunt the mighty and powerful white rhino? They try this realistic 3D hunting game called Wild Rhino Hunter, for free on Brightestgames.com. Wild Rhino Hunter the game it's one of our selected hunting and sniper game classified in our hunting and fishing category with games offered free on our website. Become a skilled hunter by learning to shoot with different types of weapons and completing different missions through the jungle and the savanna. Start with less powerful guns and earn money from hunting animals to unblock the most modern sniper weapons that will kill any wild animal with just one bullet. Move fast with the arrow keys and jump over obstacles with the space bar, while using the mouse to aim and zoom in for the kill. If you manage to strike a headshot you will see the fun slow-motion animation of the bullet that indicated the trajectory and also the zone you have hit the wild rhino.


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