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The multiplayer snake slither-style game called is one of our selected snake games classified in the list of .io games offered on our website. is a new online multiplayer game in the io game series, and it is available now. Wormax is worms controlled by players who compete against one another for superiority. Compared to the well-known game, "Wormax." is a lot more advanced, and the game is played entirely in Russian, which adds to its appeal. Type in the game's nickname and press the play button to begin the game. The game begins with you controlling your worm on the field. It is your responsibility to consume other worms while also protecting yourself. Collect foods scattered around the map to make your collection grow in size. Players are sorted in the rating table according to their size, which means you must strive to grow to the size of a worm as much as possible! Additionally, you can find amplifiers on the map, which provide your worm with special abilities and bonuses in addition to the food. Each booster session has a time limit of one minute. 

Your worm is capable of much more than just crawling at a slow pace. It can accelerate, but it does so at the expense of weight. The process can also come to a sudden halt and become transparent. All skills must be utilized appropriately to avoid becoming a victim of other players or attempting to consume the desired worm on your own. also offers the option of playing with a friend; all you have to do is send them your unique link to begin playing. Do you want to change the appearance of your worm? It's not a problem; you can select any color of worm you want from the skin section. It is useful to take note of the bonuses that are available to newly registered users. It is possible to accumulate essence after registering in the game, and you can also visit the shop where you can purchase special artifacts for your worm after signing up. As a result of these features, each player will create their unique worm, the strongest and largest on the battlefield.
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It is now required to flow to the arena. Many pleasant surprises are in store for you due to the game's updated gameplay. Worms now have three chances to live. This will allow you to grow to incredible proportions and become the largest worm on the planet. Your pet will undergo a humorous transformation after losing life due to a collision with an opponent. The state of his appearance will deteriorate dramatically, and he will develop abrasion wounds. At first, your worm will be very small, and you will need to provide it with food to grow. Collect a variety of goodies that have been generously scattered throughout the map, including mushrooms, berries, flowers, and other goodies. Gradually, your pet will gain weight and grow into a colossal monster.
Tips and Tricks!
There are also numerous useful bonuses on the map, such as those that will assist you in gaining weight, becoming invulnerable, or scaling the map. A large number of competitors will swarm around you. To destroy your adversary, you must first cut him open and consume his entire experience. But proceed with caution and keep your ears open. Even a small snake can trick you into falling into a trap and causing you to run into it, where you will perish.
Consequently, you should pay close attention to competitors of all shapes and sizes. You can use emoticons to provoke and irritate your adversary, causing them to fall prey to your deception. This is an excellent chance to interact with other players, encourage them, and help to make the game even brighter and more interesting for everyone involved. Good luck and have fun with the game!
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Enjoy a fun growing slithering snake-worm games that can be played online free on The game it's developed with Html5 technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers and on all mobile devices. If you enjoy the cool math game snake make sure you explore other io games snake-like called Emoji Good luck!

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