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In modern popular fiction, a superhero is a type of costumed heroic character who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers and who is dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains. A female superhero is sometimes called a superheroine. Fiction centered on such characters, especially in American comic books since the 1930s, is known as superhero fiction. Some long-running superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Spider-Man have a rogues gallery of many villains. Do you have what it takes to join these awesome superhumans to their dangerous mission in making the world a better place to live in? Some superhero games are hard to find but here on, you will find some of the best free online superhero games. Take a look and see for yourself! Good luck and have a badass day!
We collected 183 of the best free online Super Hero Games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices. On page 1 we show you games from 1 to 62.

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