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Play the best games of chess and chess games cool math on mobiles, tablets, and iPhones online here on And explore the most fun browser-based multiplayer games chess 2 players against your best friends or versus the most brain-teasing Ai players. Train your brain while exploring fun educational chess games cool math to have a blast with unity3D, html5, Construct 2, https and mobiles ready free games. Some of the latest 3D chess games online from 2020 will challenge even the most brilliant minds and skilled chess players. Join one of the most played games called ''chess'' that are still enjoyed by millions of people worldwide even today, and see what types of strategy you will come up within this two-player board game played on a checkered board that provides 64 squares arranged in an 8x8 grid. Other new additions learning chess games added to our category with chess games for kids we provide are the cool chess game that helps kids learn the basics of chess with the help of brain in-game like Junior Chess and Chess Challenges. These games will teach chess to younger generations that are filled with all short of chess challenges, puzzles, and learning techniques leading to training your brain and helping you decide the most important things in life. Enjoy a trillion games chess online and have a blast with our chess games easy to learn here on! Good luck!

Chess games are known to be called a strategy or strategic ''games''(a game is an assembled form of play, usually undertaken for entertainment or fun, and sometimes like in our case ''chess'' it's used as an educational tool). That helps the players that are playing the game to train their brain and improve in fast decision making. In the game, the players' free willing, the often independent, decision-making skills have high importance in determining the consequence(end result). As we have seen more or less of all strategy games need internal decision tree style thinking and typically very high circumstance awareness. It is known as a fact and also multiple studies on children, kids, and teenagers reveal that by playing chess game regularity people become more intelligent. And also we have heard some people saying that smart and intelligent people are playing regular board game-like ''chess'' that proceeds in a mysterious way to make your brain work faster. 
Chess Rules
It is said that ''Chess'' is one of the oldest games in the world. From the historical pieces of information chess dates to be invented somewhere in India more than thousand of years ago. In the game, each of the players who is playing the game has an army at this tip of the finger, composed of pieces that are set on the top and bottom of the chessboard. The aim of the game is to use your army and some strategic moves to mislead your rival so that you can overthrow his king. When the kind is captured, this happens when the kind is under attacked and is unable to move or avoid capture. In that case, we can say that we have a checkmate and the game is over you won! Here are some of the best instructions and tips you can learn from chess games online where you can see each of the chess pieces' abilities and how to mover them.
1. The ''Pawn Movement'' it only moves forward, and on the first move, the pawn can jump one or two spaces. On the second move, he can only move one space forward. And the most important thing is that pawns can move diagonally to take opponents. Also, if you can reach with the pawns to the other side of the playboard you can rescue or revive one of the chess pieces taken by your adversary like the queen, or what you think has a more value base on your game-play style. 
2. The ''Rook'' is known to be the second strongest piece of our army and moves continue like forward, backward, and also side-to-side. In the past, the castle or rook was also called the Tower, Marquis, Rector, or Comes. The rook is very important because it can save the king from a checkmate with the move called ''Castling'' where the king and rook can change location with the purpose of protecting the kind position on the playboard.
3. The ''Knight'' or the knights because there are two of them that are resembled by two horses in the majority of the chess games. Knights are the only pieces that can jump off the board. They are different from most of the chess pieces because they are not blocked. To learn it's easy movement of the knight think of an ''L'' that, can move forward, backward, or side-to-side.
4. The ''Bishop'' is known to be also called the chess madman in some version of the chess game. Where you will see it only moves in continuous diagonal lines in any directions.
5. The ''Queen'' is known to be the strongest piece of chess because it moves continuous, diagonal, and in a straight line. Going forward, backward, and side-to-side. Each player starts with one queen but with the help of pawns promoting. In a simple meaning if you reach with your pawn to the other side you can choose one more queen to place it on the playboard.
6. Then ''King'' is known to be able to move in any direction like the queen but it's limited to only one square at a time. And also it's important to know that a king cant moves to another location that is under attack by the opponent.
Special Moves in Chess
It is important in chess for you to know if you want to be a pro chess player some special moves that could help you save the game or even provide victory for your army.
1. The ''En Passant'' it's a special movement for attacking pawns, and it only applies if a player moves it pawn two spaces and the destination pace is next to your pawn. You can take the opposing piece by moving forward-diagonal to your pawns' attack square.
2. The ''Check'' as we all know a king is in check when an opponent is in a position that can attack the king. And the players must move the king out of check or block the check immediately with another chess piece. Also, is important to know that the king can not be moved into a check.
3. The ''Checkmate'' in the game putting an opponent king in checkmate is the only way to win the game. A king is in a checkmate if it is in a check and can't block the check without being able to move to a safe square that it's not under attack. To get out of a checkmate the king cant take pieces that are protected by another.
4. The ''Stalemate'' is known to be simply a special type of draw or tie that helps the player that is losing. And it's achieved if there are no legal moves for a player to make. Because all the places around the king are attacked but the spot the king is on does not check. And therefore the king can't move. The king can be blocked from one of two of your own pieces and can't move the game is a stalemate.
History of Chess
As mentioned above it seems that the Chess game is traceable back from the year 1500. And the first historical data that shows the first game of Chess or the earliest antecedent has a big chance of its origin in India. A certain period is known to be before the 6th century AD, and the game of chess will spread to a second country called Persia. From thereafter many years the chess game prospers in Persia but as the Arabs conquered the Persian empire the chess game was taken to the Muslim world and later on spread to Southern Europe regions. As the game spread even further into European countries it becomes more popular and from the 15 century to the 1880s the chess game is known by name as the ''Romantic Chess''. Meanwhile, in 1997 the first computer chess game was created, and the game was a success. From there on the modern chess tournament play began. In the online game industries more and more chess games where developed and they become more popular by the day pass even now in the 21st century. After the ABC1 demographic historical databases, it seems that even today chess is played by many countries and that 605 million adults play chess regularly. It is known that the top three countries where people play chess are known to be 23% of Germans, 43% of Russians, and 70% of Indian people.

Chess Tips
1. Identify strategic elements in a chess game like the weak points, passed pawn, piece activity, peculiarities of pawn structures, space, king’s safety, and tempo.
2. Formulate a plan of action in a chess game like open file possession
far-advanced passed pawn, a consequent threat to a vulnerable position, maneuvering chess pieces to create and utilize weaknesses, and activating your worst chess piece.
3. Take action and block the king of the adversary in checkmate to win the game.
Have fun learning an invulnerable chess strategy with the help of some of the best chess games for beginners online here on and also read some of the best advances chess tips for games online here. And have a blast training your brain!

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