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In our brand new clicker category, you will find the latest clicker games and idle clicker game, that dates between 2013 and 2020.  So have a look at our wast collection of cookie clicker unblocked games, you can find much fun and useful related information on each clicker game, like a cookie clicker wiki here on our website! We make sure to provides all the useful information of the top played idle clicker games like description, features, controls, release date, the developer of the game, and other similar games from the developer. The platforms the games work on for example some old clicker games browser are only available on PC and web browsers and other more new fun clicker games are mobile and https ready. You can also play the browsers base versions of the games but the more complex or full version of the games are available on google play store and android. Other useful information you can find on our website is Similar or Games in the same Series for example if you are playing cookie clicker you can definitely find cookie click 2, or similar clicking game like Cookie Tap. Some of the online good clicker games have special missions, going to battle, creating troops, and fights in epic fights just with one-touch game-play. The game we are trying to relate is called War Clicks, in which the gameplay of the game is a fusing of browser and clicking games where you need to focus to increase your level and fight with others for your country. This complex and fun inter-connected idle and active clicking worlds on our website has a walkthrough where you can watch and learn the basics of the game and also you can check some game-play videos we post on youtube to learn the best strategy and become the most skilled commander in the game, leading your soldiers to victory. On our website, you can also see the patch version of the game, when was the latest update done to the game, and what are the new updates they added to the game and the game-play. Also, our websites have different types of games with an age restriction that you can check on each game the Content Rating and who can play the game been categorized with our Pegi 1 to Pegi 12, based on your age, been a child, teenage or grownup or grandparent you can select and play the game that matches your age!

Clicker games are a group of simple stress releasing clicking games in which the game-play of the games is based on pointing and clicking as fast as possible with your mouse. The gender of the idle clicker games has started back in 2013 with the first Flash clicking game called ''Cookie Clicker'' and followed by the famous ''Clicker Heroes''. Bought of the games become very popular and thousands of players have like and played the games, giving feedback to the developers who have updated the games with upgrades, added new items, spells, stuff to buy from the shop and many more cool things that keep the tapping and clicker fans even more excited. As the gender of clicking grow the games ware developed or transformed to html5 been mobile-ready and available for been played on mobiles, tablets, iPhones, and all the modern browsers. So the clicker game started to appear been a high demand by the players and here are some of the veteran idle clicker games that you can play on our website! Let 's start with Destination Kepler, Immense Army, Hero Simulator, Donald Trump, Billionaire President, Doge Miner 2, Zombidle, Tube Clicker, Grindcraft, and more. And moving to the brand new genre of clicker game online that is more optimized and provides a better and smooth game-play experience like Mine Clicker,  Cookie Clicker Save the World, War Clicks, Pie inc, Pizza Clicker, Cookie Tap and more fun idle clicker game free to play online!
What are clicker games!
Clicker games are a gender of simple clicking and tapping games that are also known as idle games, clicker games, or clicking games where a player performs simple actions such as clicking on the screen of the game repeatedly to earn in-game money, jewels or coins. With the money earned, you can buy an auto clicker that will help you generate a passive income. Or you can upgrade how many points you can earn with one touch of the mouse. For example, you will start to earn just one point for one-click with the money and upgrades you can end up generating up to 300 money or points with one click! Also, there are farms, a funny looking granny a factory, and other upgrades depending on your game type, to easily help you generate more income. At a certain level, the game plays itself you can leave your game running and do other things and come back after a few hours, minutes and you have thousands of cash. Enjoy and have fun with the best incremental games here on our website! And good luck with the game!

What are the best mobile,
tablets, and iPhones Clicker games to play in 2020?
We collected 39 of the best free online Clicker Games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices. On page 1 we show you games from 1 to 39.

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