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Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre game it's now online free on!
Where you can join our Mexican crazy jumper in his new adventure along with our strong hero Burrito Bison. He is looking for excitement that why he joins his other fighter friends in the Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre game. Click to play live on BrightestGames Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre and bounce, crack, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies! Do your best and help Burrito Bison get back his special book of recipes that are stolen from an evil magician. 

He is planning to take it back and make the finest salsa in the world. depicts the narrative of a legendary and unstoppable Mexican luchador named Burrito Bizon, who is on the run from the law. He was given the moniker "Bison" because of the striking resemblance between the mask that conceals his face and the head of a bison. 

He was once presented with a highly precious cookbook containing old techniques for boosting strength, agility, and endurance as a reward for winning yet another successful duel. He didn't think twice about going to the supermarket to get the ingredients he would need to make these meals for dinner. After gathering nearly all of the elements on his shopping list, he proceeded to the checkout line. All of the customers in the store started rushing and screaming simultaneously. 

Burrito stepped up to the exhibit case, where the most audible screaming was, and stood there, speechless. He saw that all of the gummy bear packages were growing in size and exploding as he arrived. Forgetting about everything, he began to battle these delectable creatures, which all flew out of the pack in a flurry of motion. When everything was at its climax, the evil chef, who had set the whole thing in motion, snatched the attorney's book and vanished in an unknown direction.

How to play Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre?
From this point on, you will be a player in the game, assisting our hero in saving the city's citizens and locating the stolen book. Jump, eat a cake, destroy and demolish anything in your path, fly through the air do whatever you can to halt the invasion of these delicious and horrible gums. In addition to El Pollo and Pineapple Spank, two more Luchadore warriors will come to your help each with their own set of powers that are unique to them. Before you can go to the main leap, you must knock out your opponent in the ring; there will be a total of five of them. Decide on the angle and strength you want to use, then search for the enemy's weak points. 

The harder you strike him, the further you may fly. By defeating your opponents in the ring, you will be eligible to win cash and other important rewards. Each leap and kill of gum results in the accumulation of coins, which must be spent on increasing your talents, which will make you quicker, more explosive, slippery, and able to stay in flight for longer periods. After the game, you must battle the big monster to rid the globe of the gummy bear invasion once and for all. Prepare for a long and interesting voyage ahead of you. Fell into the thrill and the adventure with this awesome flying game and try other series from the Burrito Bison sequel like Burrito Bison and Burrito Bison Revenge. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date   December 18, 2018
Date added     Chicago Time: 18 January 2019 05:14
Updated On     11.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game.

Type                         WebGL ( subtype html5 )
Developer              Juicy Beast
Mobile Mode           Yes
Platform                   Web browser (desktop and mobile)
HTTPS Ready          Yes
Categories                 Running, 1 player, WebGLUnblocked, Kids, Boys, Cool Math, Ability, GAMES, Physics.

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Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre developed JuicyBeast. But you can play it online for free on


  • Play the third sequel of the game Burrito Bison called Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre.
  • Choose and play the three powerful wrestlers available in the game.
  • A lot of upgrades are available.
  • Five opponents in the game.
  • Fight the final boss in your quest to rid the world of gummies.
  • Awesome 2D graphics with vibrant colours.
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information About Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre
It's fun to play arcade flying games with captivating gameplay. That can be played online for free on Burrito Bison 3: Launcha Libre it's developed with HtmL5 technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this epic fun arcade game and want to play more similar games try this Badland CZ, Scrappy Dog, and Flying Panda. Good luck and have fun!

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