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Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Play Cyber Cars Punk Racing game free On Brightestgames!
Play Cyber Cars Punk Racing game online and join one of the best car racing, car drifting, car stunts, and also 2 players split-screen driving game in this 3D realistic Cyber Cars Punk Racing. Cyber Cars Punk Racing it's a car racing game pc free that provides a lot of things to do in the game. So don't waste your time looking for other 3D racing games, this car simulator game will give you all you need to have a blast online! As you start playing the game you will join a nice punk futuristic car game that you can see provides game modes like Career, Free Driving, Hot Chase, Battle Arena, 2 player(VS), and also the possibility to Customize your own car with skins and engines. Of course like we are used to in the racing games for ps4 nothing is free, and you will need to watch ads, or compete versus bots or players from all over the world in different competitions to earn money and points to be able to unblock other faster cars and get the most gorgeous looking car skins. 

As you will see there are 16 different types so vehicles, starting with normal streetcars, trucks, vans, hyper-cars, supercars, F1 cars, and some space-cars. Some cars require money to be unblocked others require you to earn stars, and diamonds to be able to have them. Each car is unique when it comes to Top speed, Acceleration, Brake Power, and Tire Traction. If you want to play the game it is recombined to try the Free Drive mode, where you have some unblocked cars and you can do stuns, race, drift, and do whatever you desire not to have to worry about anything. This mode is perfect for players that are trying the game for the first time and need to adjust to the game physics, the car's powers, handling, and other game-related things. Test all 60 racetracks, unblock all the cars, and watch ads to get the best punk car skins to make your best friends jealous of how good your car looks in this tuning car game 3D,  1 player car games, 2 player car games, tuning car game 3D and other more. 

Play Cyber Cars Punk Racing game online
In this 2 player car game Cyber Cars Punk Racing game, which is developed with WebGL technology you can experience a smooth game-play with no lag. Also, the game is optimized to work on any old and new browsers you can find online. When you are first playing the game no download is necessary. Just choose one of the main game modes, test them to see which one you like more, and try to complete all the sub-game modes, and remember all the game modes require you to collect or get several stars to be able to complete it and move to the other next ones.

Game Modes in Cyber Cars Punk Racing
-Battle Arena, Hot Chase, Free Ride, Career, Two Players (2P Versus)

1. Battle Arena
In the battlefield arena, you will play versus eight players to kill a player you need to smash it car and provide damage to the car until it explodes. As you smash, on the other cars you will take also damage, be able to survive to make sure you collect the Damage X5", "HP +25", and the "SHIELD. Where you are to lose just run until this item appears in the arena and rush to collect them.

2. Hot Chase
In this police chase car game mode, you are been followed by the cops that are trying to cash you and mash into your car, for each bump they do to your car you will lose HP, and once your life is drained you lost the game they have caught you. If you get low on HP press the extra HP button to refill some of your have and to be able to run!

Free Ride
In this mode, you will play a fun mode where you only have to drive around the city streets and adjust to the game physics while collecting all 60 gems hidden all over the map. The is a time limit also so try to be fast if it passes 180 seconds and hasn't found all the gems you have lost the round. While driving on the map try to make drifts to get points and rewards.

4. Two Players (2P Versus)
In this mode, you will have the best time because you must share your monitor, screen the keyboards, and this will make the game harder to play. Visibility is reduced, sideways because of the split-screen 2 player game mode but it has its benefits you can play with more cars that are unblocked only in this mode. Also, you can beat your sister, dad, or best friends and make fun of them while proving your ability behind the wheel in some of the best punk supercars in the game.

5. Career
The Career mode is the most complex mod you can play in the game,  there are certain sub-modes you need to play and win to earn starts. these so-called modes are named ''Race", "Stunt", "CheckPoint", "Against Time" , and "Fly Parkour. If you manage to complete all the levels from each mode there are approximately 12 levels on each sub-mode and a total of 160 stars when you finish the Career mode. Many things could be mentioned in this Career, mode but we don't want to spoil the surprise, so make sure you play this mode and have fun here at with Cyber Cars Punk Racing unblocked!

How to play Cyber Cars Punk Racing game
When you are first playing in this 1 player car game called Cyber Cars Punk Racing you will use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. One in the title screen you can see the game mode, available, just click the one you like. From each of the game modes, you will be taken to the garage where you can select a car, and see its stats like power, speed, handling, and brakes. From there the game stars, but if you are playing for example the career mode you must select one of the five sub-modes available to play. Also, the sub-modes also have a tool of 12 three-start rating levels you need to finish. For each level won you receive starts the more stars you have the more awesome cars you can unblock and levels. On each of these sub-modes, you can customer the car you have all you need are the golden starts so make sure you have a lot to be able to have the coolest car in the game. Do your best to have a blast here on and also play other similar games like this one called Impossible Cars Punk Stunt!

Controls in Cyber Cars Punk Racing
Use the mouse to navigate the game.
Use the arrow keys to control the movement and balance the vehicles.
Press the spacebar to handbrake the cars.

Player 1 Controls
Drive: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"
Nitro: "N"
Camera View: "C"

Player 2 Controls
Move: "WASD"
Nitro: "T"

Release Date   October 2020
Updated On      01.02.2023

Type                              WebGL
Platform                       PC, and Web browser
HTTP Ready                  Yes
Developer                     Özgür Aydin
Mobile Ready                no
Mobile Mode                 no
Genre                      DrivingSimulatorSupercarsKidsBoysSimulatorWebGLUnblocked games wtf3DUnblockedCar Games Unblocked1 PlayerAbilityGAMESunblocked 66unblocked 76Unblocked Games to Play at school.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3


  • Enjoy a complex and fun futuristic 3D car game racing, driving, stunts, and more...just try it and you will love it!
  • Cool HD-looking cars, neon cities, and streets, skins, and colors.
  • You can play the game in four modes, Career, Free Driving, Hot Chase, Battle Arena, and also try the 2 player split-screen mode against your friends or family from the same computer.
  • There are 16 different vehicles available in the garage.
  • 60 racetracks so make sure you play them all!
  • You can play the game on full-screen.
  • Each of the four game modes has many missions, you can play, areas to explore, race against time, stunts mode, and many more cool things to do in the game. 
  • No time, no damage no restrictions.
  • Great car physics, with nice engines, sounds, and easy-to-control cars.
  • Each car has different stays in power, acceleration, brake, and grips!
  • Nice music and sounds.
  • Easy to play and addicting gameplay.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information about Cyber Cars Punk Racing
Control your modified vehicles easily and have fun in this CyberPunk car stunt game online for free on Cyber Cars Punk Racing it's developed with WebGL technology allowing the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this driving game with futuristic cars make sure you play similar car racing games online from our vast collection of free online car racing games in unity.


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