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Defend Your Nuts

Title: Defend Your Nuts: The Squirrel's Stand
"Defend Your Nuts" is a captivating defense game that pits a lone, brave squirrel against an onslaught of relentless undead creatures. Join the fray on and take up the role of the furry guardian determined to protect his hard-earned stash at all costs. Through cunning, agility, and sheer will, we assist our hero through numerous levels, teeming with enemies. It's not just a battle; it's a declaration that this garden belongs to the squirrel, and all intruders shall be repelled!

GameplayAs invaders encroach upon your territory, your skills are put to the ultimate test. Begin with the humble yet trusty bow and arrow, and unleash precise shots to halt the zombies in their tracks. With determination and a keen eye, advance through the stages, earning the means to wield more formidable weapons, from the thunderous blast of a shotgun to the pinpoint accuracy of a sniper rifle, and the explosive power of a rocket launcher.

Strategy and UpgradesEngage in strategic defense by aiming your shots with the mouse, charging for maximum impact, and releasing to unleash destruction upon your foes. Utilize the coins dropped by vanquished enemies to enhance your arsenal and fortify your defenses with sturdy walls and strategic mines. Each level is a chance to demonstrate your resilience, with only three lives to spare before facing the ultimate challenge—a formidable boss on level 20. Victory means safety for your stash and glory for you on!

Defend Your Nuts Controls:
Use mouse; 1-4- select a weapon quickly.

Date Added                             Chicago Time: 23 August 2016 00:50
Updated On                              01.11.2023
Platform                                     PC, and Web browser.
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Defend Your Nuts

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