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FNF Funkin At Freddy’s Vs Afton

FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton Full Week Game it's free now un BrightestGames!
Are you guys ready for an exciting new FNF musical showdown with an unknown hero? Then allow me to welcome you to FNF Freddy: Afton personally! William Afton, the adversary you will face today, will be a very strange and frightening individual. This psychopath is known as the Violet Man in the local area. He is the series' primary foe and antagonist throughout the 5 Nights at Freddy's games. You may already be familiar with Elizabeth Afton and Michael Afton from other FNAF games because they are his children, and he is the father of their crying baby. He is also responsible for many deaths.

What is FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton Full Week?
The game can only be played in one way. There is no other option. There, you will have a confrontation with the notorious bad guy. You can defeat him without the use of any weapons. The Beloved will only have a chance at victory if they have excellent finger dexterity, keen observation skills, and lightning-fast reflexes. The most important thing to do during your turn is to repeat the arrows; if you do that, your victory is assured. I hope you appreciate this Vs Afton Full Week and do your best to win!

What is the Prologue in the vs Afton Full Week?
In the prologue, a famished Boyfriend decides to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for a bite to eat, but he is unaware of certain rumors. After he has finished his pizza, a staff member approaches him and asks if he would be interested in singing. Boyfriend agrees, and the two decide to put on a show for the children eating at the restaurant! Something like this can't go wrong.

Important Mod Notes:
Funkin' at Freddy's is a mod that we've made with a lot of passion and respect for the original series of Five Nights at Freddy's. It contains ten songs in its base release, and six of these songs can be unlocked through various means, each of which has a unique visual. Take a look at the image of the strategy guide included in the files if you cannot figure out how to unlock characters while playing the game.

How To Play FNF Funkin At Freddy’s vs Afton?
After selecting between the story mode and the free play mode, the only way to win the game is to play through all the songs to their conclusion. This can be accomplished by playing the notes correctly according to the charts and drawing the progress bar closer to you. When you see arrow symbols float and match above your character, you need to press the same arrow keys simultaneously to progress. If you fail to complete the task more than once in a row, the game is over, and you must start from the beginning.

Songs in FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton:




-You Can’t

-Salvage ( available in extra after beating the Afton story mode)

-Nightmare ( Appear after beating Salvage)

-Umbra (Click the teddy bear inside the Nightmare song)

-Just a Theory (beat the umbra song)

-Fourth-Wall ( Beat Just a Theory song)

-Fazbars (click Afton portrait on Main Menu 1987 times LOL)

-Consequences (beat Fazbars song)

Released On         23.03.2022

Updated On          10.06.2022  
Type                       Haxe and OpenFL technology
HTTPS ready          Yes

Genre                      MusicAbilities, Cool Math, Cartoon, Dance.
Platforms                Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, and Web Browsers.

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More Information About FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton Full Week
Join a new online FNF rap battle where Boyfriend takes on the creator of the FNAF called William Afton here on The FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton Full Week game has been developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology, which allows the game to work on all browser devices. If you like this FNF game online, try other Friday Night Funkin unblocked games from the series here on our website!

Game Modes:

  • Directors: JcJack - SpagOs - ThatOneAqua - BurnOutFunny
    Artists: Fabs - Snak - OrbyyOrbinaut - Notakin - EllisBros - Bottler
    Composers: Plunkett - Jacaris - EthanTheDoodler - NimbusCumulus
    Programmer: Clowfoe
    Charters: ItsGonk - GibzInk
    Voices: Evan!!!
  • Download from GJ

Original FNF Credits:
ninja_muffin99 – Programming
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of the FNF Funkin at Freddy’s vs Afton Full Week game here on 

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