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FNF: Vs Miku Hatsune V2

FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2 game it's now free on!
It's Friday night, and you've gathered with your friends to play a fun online FNF mod to put your button-mashing abilities to the test! Well here on BrightestGames, we've just released the second version of the Miku Hatsune fnf mode, including blue hair! You can participate in the excitement generated by this new mod of Friday Night Funkin. The boyfriend returns to the stage with Miku Hatsune, and they sing and dance to three original songs and six additional tracks. Like the original or first fnf mode, FNF: vs Miku Hatsune, this V2 or 0.2 version has the same modes available. FreePlay and Story mode and a credit and option game interface. Each interface provides you with different characters, so since there are four game interfaces you will see 4 characters. Are you ready to test 3 original songs and 6 bonus songs in this Friday Night Funkin'?
About FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2?
Again, in Friday Night Funkin' against Miku Hatsune v2, you must put your rhythm to the test and demonstrate your abilities with the use of a good microphone to amplify your voice. Although your sister is well-liked worldwide, she is wild about meeting your girlfriend, and you aren't willing to allow her to make a fool of yourself! Can you defeat Miku in an exhausting battle in front of thousands of people to reclaim your girlfriend's affection for you?
What is the best way to play?
Attend to the coloured arrows at the bottom of the screen and prepare to sing along with the proper beat if you want to claim victory as you listen to distinctive music such as Loid, Endurance, Voca, Endless, PoPipo, Aishite, SIU, Disappearance, Infinite, Chug, and so many more! Except for someone with incredible talent, no one else will be able to astonish us all by overcoming this enormous struggle. At the same time, the ritual continues to rush through your veins fiercely. What are your chances of recovering your title as King of the Dancefloor in the presence of your brilliant sister?

Songs in FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2!
Infinite (Secret Song, Press e+v on title page)
Chug(Secret Song, Press c+h+u+g on title page)
Mod Credit:
evdial : Art, Animation, Charting, Minor Coding
GenoX : Coding, Minor Art, Charting, Minor Music
Smokey_5: Menu Programming, Awesome GB
bbpanzu: Music, Loid Endurance and Endless
paperkitty : Music
Original FNF Credit:
ninja_muffin99 – Programming
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – Artists
kawaisprite – MUSIC
Kade Dev – Kade Engine.

Released on:       22 Sept. 2021
Date added:       
Chicago Time: 12 January 2022 12:23

Type                       Haxe and OpenFL technology
HTTPS ready          Yes
Genre                      MusicAbilities, Cool Math, Cartoon, Dance.
Platforms                Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, and Web

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More Information About FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2
Join the second FNF mode with fun Miku Hatsune here on The FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2 game has been developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology, which allows the game to work on all browsers. If you like this FNF game online, try other Friday Night Funkin' not blocked games from the series on our website!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of FNF: vs Miku Hatsune v2 here on

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This game was added in January 12, 2022 and it was played 5.8k times since then. FNF: Vs Miku Hatsune V2 is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.11 / 5 from 18 votes. BrightestGames brings you the latest and best games without download requirements, delivering a fun gaming experience for all devices like computers, mobile phones, also tablets. For more enjoyment, don't forget to check our Newest Games and Most Played Games categories, where you will find Top Quality free online games for all ages!

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