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Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version)

Play Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version) free online on!
And get ready to hustle, sing and rap battle now even on phones, touchpads, tablets, and iPhones in the new Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version) here on our website on In the fun classic six weeks, rhythm battle Boyfriend takes on the protagonists as always to impress the GF dad called Daddy Dearest. In the online or mobile version of this Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version) MOD you can enjoy it broadcasted in 3 game modules: Normal, Hard, and Easy. Be that as it may, it additionally has a Tutorial segment where you can practice, and we genuinely suggest this since you will want to adapt to the multiple tests. After you have completed the preparation in the Tutorial module, you will want to pick one of the three levels of trouble, and you can begin the open contest. It would help if you figured out the beat of the speakers with the assistance of the bolts that will show up on your screen. Press the bolt on the console likewise. If you commit an error, the DJ will be shocked, and you will lose the whole level. Try out, as usual, the two mods Story and FreePlay and help BF defeat all the protagonists from this Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version). Don't forget that the ''FreePlay'' MOD has 18 songs you can play and have fun with! Do your best and always have fun!
What you can play in the Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version) MOD!
Week 1: 
In week one, you will rap fight against Daddy Dearest, who is the dad of Girlfriend and the spouse of Mommy Mearest. He is the principal adversary of Week 1 and one of the main enemies during Week 5. He's an ex-rockstar who doesn't endorse the connection between his girl and Boyfriend. His tracks incorporate Bopeebo, Fresh, and Dadbattle, and he imparts the tracks Cocoa and Eggnog to Mommy Mearest. 
Week 2: 
Slide and Pump are the essential bad guys of Week 2. Their tracks incorporate Spookeez and South. They are the primary visitor characters acquainted with Friday Night Funkin', the second being Pico and the third being Tankman. 
Week 3: 
Pico is the main enemy of Week 3. His tracks incorporate Pico, Philly, and Blammed. He was provoked close by Tankman, Cassette Girl, and Hank J. Wimbleton on the fifteenth of November, 2020. He was added to the game with Week 3 on the eleventh of December, 2020. He is the subsequent visitor character acquainted with Friday Night Funkin', the first being Skid and Pump and the third being Tankman. 
Week 4: 
Mom Mearest is the mother of Girlfriend and the spouse of Daddy Dearest. She is the primary bad guy of Week 4 and one of the main bad guys during Week 5. Her tracks incorporate Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F, and offers the tracks Cocoa and Eggnog with Daddy Dearest. 
Week 5: 
In this M.O.D. In week five, you will join a pleasant combination of GF mother called Mommy Mearest + father named Daddy Dearest. Mom Mearest sits on Daddy Dearest's lap which is situated on Santa Claus' seat. She holds a mouthpiece for the two of them in her forgetting about the hand with her pinky while clutching her significant other's shoulder with her right hand. 
Week 6: 
In the last M.O.D. from the six F.N.F. weeks, you will take on Senpai. Who is the essential enemy of Week 6? His tracks incorporate Senpai and Roses.
This Mobile version of the FNF ''Foned In'' Known Issues: 
-Restarting melodies may reload your page 
-Conceivable faltering and hitches 
-A potential fix is to restart that level 
-Sprites probably won't chip away at truly old gadgets 
-May crash for reasons unknown at some random time 
-The exactness bar is still not precise (xd) 
-Other crazy errors with Kade Engine 
Controls (In-Game): 
-Contact the bolt keys on your side as notes arrive at the judgment line 
-You can likewise contact anyplace in a similar segment in case it's simpler 
-Tap the upper passed on the corner to stop the game.

Controls (In Menus Mobile):
-Navigate Up = Swipe Down
-Navigate Down = Swipe Up
-Change Difficulty = Swipe Right
-Go Back = Swipe Left
-Enter/Select = Tap
What is the objective of this Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version)?
Well like in every FNF mod the objective of this Foned In (Mobile Version) game is to enhance the functionality! And to make FNF and this mod more convenient to players that can't, in any circumstance, perform it on their potatoes PC, on a Chromebook, on their Mac, on their Linux, or basically can't run the EXE reports on their PC.
Mod developed by:

Original FNF Credit:
ninja_muffin99 – Programming
KadeDev – Programming
PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
kawaisprite – TASTY ASS MUSIC
Released on:     18.03.2020
Date added:      
Chicago Time 14:31 on 28 August 2021
Type                       Kade Engine
Status                     In development.
HTTPS ready 
Genre                      Music, Rhythm, Abilities, Dance.
Platforms               Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, Web Browser!

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
-Friday Night Funkin vs DaBaby
-Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version)
This mode of the FNF is an open-source beta game, so make sure to support the developers here.

How to Download Friday Night Funkin: Foned In (Mobile Version)?
Only download the mod for your high-end Desktop PC and mobile devices on GB. Or just play without having to friday night funkin download the game here on our website on and
The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Avast secure, and Avant Browser. 

More Information About Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version)
Join this new optimized mobile friday night funkin unblocked game bought on mobile and also on browsers free with no download requirements on The Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version) version of the game is developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology, which allows the game to work on browsers, and all mobile devices. If you like this FNF game online, try other Friday Night Funkin' not blocked games from the series on our website!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (Mobile Version) here on

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