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Momo: House Of Celestina

Play free House of Celestina online on, one of our selected MOMO and scary games. Prepare your nerves for steel and your heart to pump at a maximum in this intense and scary horror game. The story goes like this; you’ve just woken up in one of the bedrooms within the house of the evil Celestina. How did you manage to get here? More importantly, you must try and escape from the evil Celestina's house without being killed or eaten by her vicious pet that is lurking in the house.

What is House Of Celestina?
A derelict and uninhabited shack may be found on the outskirts of the town. No one lives there. This structure is known as "Casa Celestinea" among the locals. There are tall tales that say a monster by the name of Celestina, who is greedy for blood, resides there. She hides in the house's shadowy nooks and crannies, waiting for the courageous individuals who risk their lives to uncover her hidden truth, and then she converts them into her forever enslaved people. Even if the town's citizens are uncertain whether they should accept these tales, nobody dares to investigate them. Are you brave enough to go inside this eerie location and find out what the monster has been hiding?

How To Play House Of Celestina?
You should prepare to feel a lot of anxiety when playing "House of Celestine." You need to search the home for six jigsaw parts to figure out the mystery behind the beast. When you unfold it, you can read the letter, and everything will make sense. The lonely hallways were filled with the echoes of horrifying cries. It may seem like the noises of complete and total despair, but don't let that fool you into falling into the trap. Nightmare Celestina will follow you wherever you go, and all you have to do to provoke an assault from her is turn around. Therefore, go with assurance, and do not allow the monster to trick you. Lilith is Celestina's companion animal, and she has one. This eerie beast resembles a huge spider but has a lady's head. There is a chance that it may frighten you sometimes, but other than that, it does not pose any additional danger. It would help if you uncovered the creature's mystery while avoiding falling into the trap.

Release Date    January 2020
Date added        Chicago Time: 31 January 2020 11:13
Updated On      04.08.2022

Type                            WebGL
Mobile Mode             No
Platform                      PC and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 ActionScary1 playerWebGL3DBoys, SimulatorGAMESUnblocked, Mistery, Fantasy, Horror.

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Death Note Type

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 16

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