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Return OF Evil Granny: The School

Return OF Evil Granny: The School Game it's now unblocked on BrightestGames!
The infamously crazy scary Granny is back in action now live on our website! Where in the new chapter escaped from school, and at one point, the two of us were able to break a losing skid. Everyone believed that she had passed away for good and that she would no longer cause harm to anyone. However, despite having a fatal wound, this horror was able to pull through and live. However, we are not prepared to back down and allow the old witch to continue to cause harm to other people. As a result, you must locate her new residence and put an end to the evil older woman once and for all.

What is Return OF Evil Granny: The School?
It seems that some higher powers force the criminals to carry out their evil deeds regularly because they keep coming back. Or, it's possible that the Underworld, to take a vacation from dealing with an excessive amount of evil, occasionally sends monsters back to the realm from where they originated. It would appear that the wicked grandmother, responsible for the deaths of many innocent souls, has found her way back to our planet. Now, in the game Return of Evil Granny: The School, she wanders around the old school, where you will find yourself.

Tips and Tricks in Return OF Evil Granny: The School?
Your mission is to eliminate the evil once and for all; to do so; you must search the school for eight hidden keys. It is not a coincidence that you are armed; in Return of Evil Granny: The School, you will encounter hostile ghosts, and your weapons will come in handy. Aside from Granny, the classrooms and offices are deserted, so you will only have to deal with hostile spirits.

How to Play Return OF Evil Granny: The School?
You will get the opportunity to investigate a brand new horror lair in the terrifying video game "Return of Evil Granny: School." Now, Grandma makes her home in an old school building that has been abandoned. It would help if you located it before you could defeat it. Despite the anxiety, we have no choice but to proceed. You will find yourself amid a dimly lighted corridor only illuminated by a few scattered light bulbs. To put it lightly, the vibe in this place is very disturbing. Discovering eight keys is part of your mission. The tank won't be far behind when you are close to one of them or standing next to a new weapon. The evil older woman launches an urgent assault but won't do it alone; instead, she'll bring her monsters with her. But up to this point, he has no idea who he spoke with! It is time to end evil and ensure that the monster is eradicated from existence for good.

Release Date    Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Date added      Chicago Time: 19 June 2022 05:00

Type                          WebGL
Mobile Mode            No
Platform                    PC and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 ActionScary1 playerWebGL3DBoys, SimulatorGAMESUnblockedHorror

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The Return OF Evil Granny: The School game was developed by PoisonGames. But you can play the game online for free on

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Content rating
Teen, Pegi 16

More Information About Return OF Evil Granny: The School
It's a fun 3D online scary game with the famous Granny that provides a thrilling game-play available online for free on The Return OF Evil Granny: The School game it's developed with WebGL technology which will allow the game to work perfectly on all browsers. If you enjoyed this epic fun shooter game scary free, check out other games here on our website! Good luck and have fun!

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