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Jungle Hero 2 Description

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And try this action platformer game online here on, where you join the infiltration and elimination in a dangerous jungle where mutant monsters, humans, and animals live. You are one of the three elite soldiers that are equipped with next-gen weapons and your mission is simple to equip with as much ammunition, explosives while choosing your favorite primary, and secondary weapons to get ready in this gun mayhem. Use two important weapons that will be very useful in close and range combat, one is the shield that you can activate with the Q key.  This will provide you for a period of time with a shield that reflects the bullets. Also, by pressing the E key you can through a grenade to kill the enemies that are above you, and where is difficult to shoot with your weapon. Test and buy nine devastating weapons, and watch the stats of each weapon before you buy it, the firepower, and range. Also, you can copy the link of your game that is placed on the top right side of the game interface. Then you can send it to your friend and see how you can play together to complete in the same game. There are three chapters for you to test the King Spider, the King Snake, the King Scorpion, or just random to see what you get. 


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