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And get ready o to join a fun blocky Minecraft-style game of survival. Get food and other raw materials, like wood, lemons build fire, and get your raft as large as possible to be able to expand and evolve into a more complex ark. The main task is to find out how to survive. Last Wood is another survival on the sea game with new foes, RPG components, persistence on an island, and sea investigation on a boat. Fabricate and redesign your pontoon for endurance in the ocean, safeguard it from sharks and investigate the big world around you. Attempt all our amazing endurance test system games moved into one epic ark survival

Tips on how to survive longer in Last Wood!

1. Catch things and assets with your characters. A lot of valuable assets in shark games are directly in front of you. Chest and barrels skimming around consistently contain indispensable assets for endurance in the ocean, and wreckages are great material for pontoon working in sea games. You may even discover things, apparatuses, and weapons to safeguard the float, so continue tossing the snare in this fun raft survival game.

2. Art weapons and protection 
Without much of a stretch, a prey can change the guidelines and become a tracker in shark games. Settle on a complex decision among many firearms, two - gave cutting edge weapons and reinforcement parts to guard your gliding base and chase sharks. Specialty is an ideal munitions stockpile and consistently be prepared for the fight. 

3. Protect your Ark
Be prepared to develop and battle for endurance in the ocean with a twofold exertion since you have one more issue to manage. The shark is currently joined by swimmers from other survivor games and anxious to assault the pontoon. No man can tame a shark, and there's no place to get away, so get ready for shooting and swinging the entire evening and day long! 

4. Fabricate and overhaul
Focus on the state of your boat-raft on the water in endurance games in the sea. It's insufficient to have several wooden boards without a rooftop or even dividers to have a sense of security. Be innovative and grow the pontoon free in tallness and width because as far as possible for working in endurance test system games 2018 is your creative mind. There's likewise a ton of overhauls for fishing and extra room augmentation that you can work on the skimming cover to assist you with enduring the sea. 

5. Investigate the sea 
At any point contemplated whether there's lost land with backwoods, woods, wilderness, and creature pets in this sea without end? A significant element of our island endurance games free is presently carried out in this one. Try not to sit inactively, set out to investigate the sea and islands around. What do they stow away: repulsiveness or brilliance, middle-age royale fortunes or wild tigers and terrifying dinosaurs from the Jurassic age or even old plane destruction? What's more, you can discover assets, overhauls for the pontoon, and different things on the islands. You will not require a boat or an ark to sail to them in shark games; a bare ship will do, and may the stars be your aide. Last Wood is still a demo but is in development now, so make sure you check for any updates if you like the game!

How to play Last Wood?
Utilize the mouse to explore through the game interface. As you will find in this management and survival game, toward the start of the game, you will just have one person to play with and you are restricted with assets. As you play and assemble wood and fabricate your pontoon you level up. The more you level up them you can fabricate and redesign your pontoon and change it into the greatest boat, to assist you with exploring the ocean. Assemble assets and different individuals to assist you with the game and advance and changes your pontoon into the greatest boat, and mess around with this epic square practical Minecraft style of ark survival game here on!

Release Date    October 2017 as a unity 3D version and updated to WebGL in 2020!
Date added      Chicago Time: 02:12 on 2 October 2017

Controls in Idle Arks: Build At Sea!
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. And with the left-click point and click to play the game. 

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Last Wood has been developed by JustUsGameLab. But you can also play the game online for free on
Type                               WebGL
Platform                        PC, and Web browser
HTTPS Ready                 No
Mobile Ready                No
Mobile Mode                 No
Genre                              Adventure, Simulator, Boat, Survive, Ability, Early Access
  • Beautiful blocky 3D graphics with low poly-looking water effects, levels, and rafts.
  • Many different materials to build with.
  • You need money and wood to unblock certain elements.
  • A lot of shops to explore, characters, maps, and other cool things.
  • A map to help with your journey.
  • Improved the raft building.
  • The game is HTTPS and mobile-ready.
  • Open world investigation.
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information About Last Wood
Enjoy a great 3D survival raft simulator game online that you can play for free in your browser here on The Last Wood it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly on all classic and new browsers devices. If you enjoyed this awesome blocky game of survival online make sure you try other similar survival games best like Idle Arks: Build At Sea. Have a blast online surviving on the sea!

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