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Maiden Cops

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Join in a pixel action-packed female law enforcement officers will now clean the criminals off the city's streets. In the game Maiden Cops, you will assist them in completing this mission. You will be tasked with selecting a heroine when the game first starts up for you. She will be able to engage in some form of hand-to-hand fighting and possess specific qualities. After that, the girl will be free to roam the city's neighborhoods independently. You will need to coerce her into moving forward until she is confronted with adversaries the girl conflicts with anyone who stands in her way under your direction. Inflicting punches and kicks and carrying out devious techniques will require you to restart the adversary's life bar level. You will be able to defeat them in this manner and get points for it.

What can you expect from playing Maiden Cops?
As you proceed through the gameplay of this Demo version V1. 1, this is currently the sample version. Thus, you cannot access all three characters. There will be three of them when the full model is made available, and their names are mentioned below:
1. Priscila Salamander: is a freshly graduated officer brimming with vitality and has always envisioned herself working in this field.
2. Nina Usagi: despite her sweet appearance, she is the most experienced member of the squad and hence takes on the team leader job.
3. Meiga Holstaur: Despite her reserved demeanor, kind demeanor, and friendly demeanor, she is a formidable opponent when fighting off adversaries. To find more of the game features, visit the game on Steam and Social Media.

What Is The Story in Maiden Cops?
The story begins with the residents of Maiden City coming under attack from a shadowy group calling themselves "The Liberators." This group aims to strip citizens of their liberties by causing mayhem and resorting to violence. They aim to start by making the issue, and only then will they present the answer. In Maiden City, the private law enforcement company known as Maiden Cops is responsible for ensuring its customers' safety. The Liberators have some nasty intentions in the works; will it be feasible for our heroes to thwart those schemes? Priscilla, Nina, and Meiga will deliver swift kicks to the posteriors of anybody who attempts to disrupt the quiet that exists in Maiden City.

How To Play Maiden Cops?
Move the characters around by pressing the arrow keys and use the A key to leap and the S key to attack. Roam the city streets and stay alive until the timer reaches zero by defeating any of the bandits you come across and beating them up with your assaults. If you allow your health bar to run out, you will lose the game; thus, you need to battle as hard as possible to stay alive while having as much fun as possible in this place.

Release Date        2023 Q1( full game version)
Updated On          Chicago Time: 18 July 2022 14:25
Platform                  PC, Web browser, Steam and Mobile devices.
HTTPS Ready        Yes
Genre                       ActionSkillsAbilitiesUnblockedArcadeOldPixel1 PlayerBoys, Fighting, SuperheroAvengers, Retro, Cool math.

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Maiden Cops

The web browser version of the Maiden Cops game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 10

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