Click here to play this game! Description the game it's a fun battle royale game with pillows that you can play online for free on browsers and mobile devices here on game it's one of our selected multiplayer and skill games classified in our list of .io games offered free on our website. In this io. survival game you will join random players from all over the world in some nice colorful rooms where you need to find a randomly placed pillow, but other players will see it to. Try to move fast to get the pillow and throw it at one of the other players to knock him out of the game. As players are been pillowed kicked you must be the last player in the game to be the winner. As pilows get random spawned on the rooms you must be moving all the time to try to get them before others. Pillows can be used only once and if you through it without hitting any player you will lose it. So try to improve your accuracy and skills to dodge the enemy's attack and stay alive. Or you can avoid the other payers and let them kill each other. Be the last man-player standing to win this epic fun stick man .io game and have a blast online here on BrighetstGames!


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