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Shadow Of The Orient

What Is Shadow of the Orient?
Step into the mesmerizing world of "Shadow of the Orient," where every leap, slash, and spell carries the weight of a land's fate. As darkness stretches its shadows and the fabric of the Orient is threatened, a lone hero rises to defy the encroaching evil in this visually enchanting 2D action platformer.

From the twilight of quiet villages to the echoing corridors of ancient temples, "Shadow of the Orient" promises an odyssey filled with peril and wonder. The game masterfully crafts a compelling narrative wrapped in exquisite pixel art, offering players an immersive experience beyond mere gameplay.

Game Features:

  • Lush Pixel Landscapes: Traverse through meticulously designed environments that pulse with life, showcasing the Orient in all its pixelated glory.
  • Tailored Gameplay: With fully customizable touch controls, set the game to your rhythm. Feel every jump, dodge, and attack with precision-tuned responsiveness.
  • Expansive Exploration: Three acts await, each a vast tapestry woven with secrets, quests, and treacherous terrain. Venture deep into hidden nooks, unlocking the tales they hold.
  • Battle Mastery: Engage in intense combats against myriad foes—from relentless samurai warriors to creatures birthed from myths. Sharpen your skills, for they will be your greatest allies.
  • Arsenal of Power: As the journey unfolds, amass a collection of throwing knives, arcane spells, and other formidable abilities. Turn the tide of battle with fireballs or deftly thrown blades.
  • Trials and Triumphs: Every quest is a test, every battle a lesson. Face daunting bosses, rescue the trapped, and rebuild hope in a land overshadowed by despair.

What Is The Story In Shadow of the Orient?

After 200 years, the dark shadow has returned, wreaking havoc across the Orient. Only Xiaolang, a brave warrior who possesses the elemental power of fire, has the strength to take on the shadow clan, rescue the children of the Orient and restore peace to the people of the East. But, the dark shadow is stronger than before, and Xiaolang has not had to fight for two centuries.

Embark upon a perilous quest full of dangerous enemies, deadly traps and hidden secrets to hunt down the shadow and restore peace to the people of the Orient.

At the heart of "Shadow of the Orient" lies a story of courage, of a singular hero against a world-conquering darkness. But it's more than just a tale—it's a challenge for every gamer, a quest beckoning to be conquered.

Will you heed the call? Will you emerge as the beacon in the "Shadow of the Orient"? The journey awaits, and the Orient's fate rests in your hands! Is he up to the task? Are you?

Keyboard Controls
WASD = move
Space = jump
Enter = attack
Shift = dash
C = switch
F = skip dialogue
Q = swap weapons.

Release Date       October 2023
Date added           Chicago Time: 12 October 2023

Type                       HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Developers         Spacelab Games
Platform                Web browser (desktop and mobile)

HTTPS Ready       Yes
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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

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Shadow of the Orient

The web browser version of the Shadow of the Orient game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information About Shadow of the Orient
In the Shadow of the Orient here on Brightestgames, is fun to play thanks to its eye-catching pixel visuals, adaptable touch controls, smooth movement, and entertaining animations.. The WebGL technology in developing the Shadow of the Orient game makes running seamlessly on browsers and select mobile devices possible. If you like playing this tremendous online fight game, you may enjoy other hero games on our website.

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