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TMNT: Kickin It Old School

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Our favourite teenage mutant ninja turtles will appear in the video game TMNT: Kickin' It Old School. Our heroes hide in the city's sewers beneath the surface, where they protect the town's citizens from the infamous warriors of the Schroeder clan. Today, their instructor gave them the assignment to infiltrate one of the more lawless neighbourhoods in the city, where it was rumoured that a group of these lawbreakers had taken up residence in an old academy that had been dumped. At the beginning of the game, you will select the character you will play for the rest of the experience. Keep in mind that every hero fights uniquely, using the equipment and strategies that are unique to them. After that, you will ascend to the surface and eliminate any foes that stand in your way on the way to the surface. It would help if you jump, avoid the enemy's attacks, and then strike them. Additionally, collect the various items that will fall out of the enemies you defeat.
Acquire a fundamental understanding of both movement and combat!
Utilizing the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys will allow you to navigate the city streets. The standard attack is activated by pressing the Spacebar, but a special attack can also be performed. When you press the Z button, your character will instantly wipe out all of the foes in the area. However, it has a significant drawback, and that is the fact that it will use up your entire energy bar. After you have defeated a Foot Soldier, you will notice that they drop a few items they have been defeated, as you will see more in this TMNT 2 player game.

Tips and Tricks in TMNT: Kickin' It Old School
These are all bonuses that will assist you in recharging your various meters. The pizzas will restore your health, while the robot masks will create a temporary shield for you to stand behind. You can get energy from the turtle symbols. You must act quickly if you want to collect them before they vanish in a few seconds, and your bars will not automatically replenish themselves!
Utilize the resources available to you in your environment!
You are tasked with neutralizing a Dimensionizer at the end of each level.
Because Kraang watches over all of them, you will need to pay attention to both of them at the same time. You can be certain that the monster is drawing closer to your character when you feel the ground shaking underneath your feet. The final level's villainous boss is the most formidable opponent in the game. He now possesses two new offensive manoeuvres like spitting rackets and throwing iron fists. It would help if you avoided the red targets already on the ground because you can see where they will land. Remember that if your character's health and energy bars are getting low, you should consider switching them out at one of the caps or flags in the sewer. You will not be eliminated from the competition if you are killed. You are free to switch to a different turtle and carry on with the game as soon as it takes place.
Always keep your wits about you!
Every once in a while, you might evolve aware of certain things, such as trash cans and fire hydrants, obstructing your path. You can put them to use by hurling them at the people you're competing against. Although they are not as powerful as an attack, the damage they deal is still significant. You can also gain a benefit by making use of the airways. The game takes on a slightly different feel when you play with a friend. You do not fight against each other at the same time but rather take it in turns. You and your companion will be equipped with the same tasks, but the outcomes will differ. As you advance through the game or when one of the players exhausts all their general health, the other players will replace them.

Release Date    December 10, 2016, and updated to html5 in 2022
Updated On     09.06.2022

Platform            PC, and Web browsers.
HTTPS Ready    Yes
Genre                 Fighting, Cartoon, Skills, TMNT, Nickelodeon, Abilities, Superhero1 PlayerBoys, GAMESUnblocked, 2 Players, Nick Jr.
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Enjoy this fun old school teenage mutant ninja turtles game on pc that will take you on the roofs, sawers and New York city streets to fight different gangs of monsters, mutants, and criminals. The TMNT: Kickin' It Old School game can be played online on any browser device. Have fun with the best tmnt games and explore other similar games here on our website! Have fun!
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