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Urban Basketball

Urban Basketball is free online on Brightestgames!
🏀🌆And try now free online new basketball games and the best sports games here on our website! Where like a champion basketball player, he's always looking for the best challenge. On, we challenge your basketball skills with this new 3D Miniclip Urban Basketball game. Play against another skilled player in many other street basketball tournaments across the country, and show off your best moves on the court!

Demonstrate Proficiency in Basketball
🔥From the moment you step onto the court, you'll feel the pulse of the game, the rhythm of the streets echoing in every dribble, shot, and pass. Urban Basketball brings the intensity of streetball to life, allowing you to unleash a wide array of moves that will keep your opponents guessing. Whether you're draining three-pointers from downtown or soaring through the air for a thunderous dunk, every play is an opportunity to leave your mark.

But remember, basketball is more than just flashy moves and individual glory. It's a team sport, and effective teamwork is the key to success. Coordinate with your teammates, set up plays, and exploit your opponent's weaknesses to dominate the court.

An Immersive and Evolving Gaming Experience
🤝Urban Basketball offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience that will keep you hooked from the first tip-off to the final buzzer. With intuitive controls and fluid movement, you'll feel like you're right in the heart of the action, pulling off jaw-dropping plays that will leave the crowd roaring.

Compete against the top performers in the country
But the real challenge lies in the competition. In Urban Basketball, you'll face off against the best teams from across the country, each one hungry for victory. With every match, you'll have the chance to prove your team's worth and climb the ranks to become the ultimate urban basketball champion. With each hard-fought win, you'll earn not just bragging rights, but valuable experience that will help your team grow stronger and more cohesive.

Tips For A Better Gameplay!
Do your best to control your player with the arrow keys, pass the ball to your teammate using "C," and score as many points as possible to make your team the winner. Go for slam dunks, shoot long 3-point shots, use superpowers, win coordinates, and procure cups! Run and take the ball from your rival in no-holds-barred matches! Each point you score draws you nearer to filling the ball bushel and getting essential prizes! Put forth a valiant effort, and outscore your rivals! The more matches you win, the more possibility you should open new characters! Appreciate playing in updated courts that will bring you greatness and better prizes. Become a headliner!

Prove your skills in this new game called Urban Basketball Games and have the best time of your life. Good luck and have fun, and make sure to play a more realistic 3D basketball game called Street Basketball. Have fun!

How to play and win in Urban Basketball?
The game's fundamentals are simple, so you must score more crates than your adversaries as quickly as possible. The game is very troublesome, and you need to work in groups to figure out how to overcome an adversary in a round of road b-ball. You will have more players to browse. It would be great if you caught a gander at how great each is running, the passing gave the bushel, you can decide to best. In this round of b-ball, you will require bolts to move, the J key to toss the ball to the crate, and passing the ball key for him. Give your best to arrive at the highest point of the best players because you show everybody what you are proficient in.

Reasonable 3D Graphics:
Ballon portable has never looked this great: completely customizable 3D players and an assortment of conditions to play in! 

Content 1-ON-1 In Two Awesome Multiplayer Game Mode:
Test your dueling senses in 1v1 Matches or competitions to shoot bands in time-sensitive 1v1 Shootouts. 

Staggering Rewards And Hundreds of Unique Items:
Are you playing like an elite player? Enter higher-positioned matches with more significant stakes, uncommon open b-balls, and remarkable wearables to develop your force and style.

Controls in Urban Basketball
Arrows = move/jump, Arrow down = block/pump, X = steal/shoot, Z = super shot.

Release Date        Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Updated On            25.03.2024

Type                            Html5
Developer                MadPuffers
Mobile ready              Yes
Mobile Mode              Yes
Platform                      PC, Web browser, and mobile and tablet devices here on
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Gender                         Sports, Basketball, HTML5, 1 player, Olympics, Abilities, Simulator, Unblocked, 3D, Kids, Boysunblocked 66unblocked 76Unblocked Games to Play on School.

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  • Great graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Simple one-touch games play and are very addicting.
  • Unblock many basketball skins.
  • Https and mobile-ready.
  • Score bonus and combo points with perfect catches
  • Easy to learn and play.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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More Information about Urban Basketball
Enjoy a game with a basketball that provides a realistic sports experience. Urban Basketball is developed with Flash-Ruffle technology, which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this unblocked basketball game, make sure you play other awesome basketball games to play to have a blast online here on our website!

To better understand the game, you can check the video instructions, tips, and YouTube gameplay of Urban Basketball online on Also, check Fandom Wikipedia for the game.

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