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Yeti Quest

Enjoy the latest animal games with yeti and penguins for free on And join the adventure in this Yeti Quest game.  In a world where ice-cream is more than just a delightful treat, you are presented with a challenge that tickles your sweet tooth and challenges your wits. Dive into a delightful journey where your primary mission is to devour every ice-cream cone, sundae, and gelato that crosses your path. But, as any true adventurer knows, the journey is never as simple as it seems. Each stage presents a unique puzzle, a labyrinth of obstacles and decisions that stand between you and your frozen prize.

Harnessing your agility is key; swift manoeuvres, timely jumps, and a dash of speed will help you navigate through each puzzling level. But that's not all! Hidden within you is a secret power, the ability to move stealthily, unseen by prying eyes and undetected by lurking enemies. Use this stealth mode to bypass challenges, evade traps, and sneak up on those elusive ice-cream treats.

However, time is of the essence. As the clock ticks, an added layer of complexity emerges. Not only do you need to consume all the ice creams, but you also have a secondary objective: collecting three stars scattered throughout each level. The pursuit of perfection is a race against time; can you obtain all three stars and still satiate your ice cream cravings?

Join this captivating adventure, and experience a game where every bite is a reward, and every level a testament to your prowess. Embrace the challenge, tap into your agility, unleash your secret stealth powers, and embark on the ultimate ice-cream quest! Will you rise to the occasion and become the ultimate ice cream champion? Also, make sure you try other similar Yeti trap games to have a blast with Yeti OverwinterYeti Quest, and Yeti Extreme Motocross. Good luck and enjoy the best games with yeti online.

Release Date      October 2019
Date Added           Chicago Time: 16 November 2016 03:26

Developer   Yetisports: Pengu Throw was developed by Kiz10. But you can play the game for free on

Gender                        SportsYetiCartoonsKidsGirlsOlympicSkillAbilityBoySingle-playerUnblockedWebGLGAMESunblocked 66unblocked 76Unblocked Games to Play at school.

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Everyone, Pegi 3

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