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Dragon Fist 3

Title: Dragon Fist 3: The Warrior's Quest
DescriptionImmerse yourself in the ancient world of martial arts with Dragon Fist 3: The Warrior's Quest, a classic flash-based fighting game that's found its home on With a pantheon of fighters, each boasting a distinct style and a deep repertoire of combos, this game is a testament to the finesse of traditional swordplay and martial prowess. Choose your champion and embark on a journey through the ranks where skill, timing, and strategy will forge your path to glory.

GameplayThe path of the warrior is fraught with challenges. From the very first duel, you must dedicate yourself to mastering the unique combo systems of your chosen fighter. Train diligently to perfect the sequences that will unlock the full potential of your warrior's abilities. Each new level presents a more skilled adversary, testing your resolve and demanding that you adapt and overcome. The combat in Dragon Fist 3 is a dance of precision and control, where every attack, block, and counter is a step towards victory.

Experience and AdvancementAs you progress, your skills will be put to the ultimate test in the increasingly difficult bouts. Dragon Fist 3's combat is not merely about brute force; it's an art form where only the most dedicated warriors can truly excel. Revel in the thrill of close combat, employ strategic manoeuvres to outwit your foes, and unleash a flurry of attacks that will leave them reeling. Only those with the heart of a dragon can rise to the occasion and become the ultimate warrior. Are you ready to don the mantle of a true martial arts master on

Instructions: Use a Combination of WASD and kick and punch to discover new moves.
Press the A and D keys to move left and right.
Press the W key to Jump.
Press the S key to Guard.
Press the T key to Punch.
Press the Y key to Kick.
Press the U key to Take Weapon.
Press the U + Down Key to Take the Dropped Weapon.
Press T + Y to use a Special move.

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Type                       Flash - Ruffle
Developers         Ben Olding
Platform                Web browser - desktop

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Dragon Fist 3

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