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And join this fun new gender of action fighting impostor game free now versus players from all over the world. Get your sword, knife, and other weapons ready to enter the battlefield where you as an imposter need to eliminate the other astronauts by slashing them into pieces and them eating the thing left on the ground to grow your players and the weapons your current level provides. Also in this growing impostor io game online as you level up you get more speed, and the weapons grow in length and damage. You can buy better weapons with the money earned from kills, as you will see each astronaut killed provides you between 30 and 100 gold coins. 

Coloring your imposter it's free, but the hats require some work for you to have them, so check the shop interface where you can have certain information about your stats and gold coins you have. Also depending on your performance, you can qualify on the leaderboard top player from the day, month, and all times. So do your best and defeat those astronauts, while growing in size your player and weapons. The longer your weapons are the more damage you can give to the other players and the safer will be for you to get killed.

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Knowing all about this among us free specified in this game description, you can start playing the game and see what you can manage in this epic fun multiplayer battle royale game. Also, this it's developed with html5 technology that makes the game work smoothly on all types of classic and modern browsers. No download conditions are needed to play the game, so just enter your name and click that play button to start. Also, in this new Among us version of the game, you have the possibility to modify the weapons, hats, and colors. 

Also, the most special hats require you to share the game or like it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Some weapons require a certain level to be able to be unblocked or purchased. If you fancy playing his game make sure to verify other among us games online from our list of .io games like Impostor, and Who Is Imposter. Have fun guys!

How to play
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. You will see to control your imposter character you need to push the mouse cursor. The route(direction) is shown by the sign hanging over the screen. Click the left mouse button to attack and the right mouse button to boost the speed of your among us character. Running too frequently will reduce your endurance, stopping you from leveling up. But when there are more players that are changing you, make sure you use it, to sprint and get out of there, and stay alive. Your life bar is represented by different parts, that symbolize the limited amount of damage or hits you can take before you die.

Tricks To Help You Win In
The movement of the mouse pointer serves as the character's primary means of control. The directional cue is provided by the arrow that is floating in the air above the display. To attack, use the left mouse button, and to speed up, use the right mouse button. Your stamina will be depleted if you run too often, which will prevent you from leveling up. When faced with a more powerful opponent, it is often best to avoid direct conflict wherever possible. Your life is broken up into a number of sections, which corresponds to the number of blows you are able to sustain. If your health is becoming low, seek for additional cubes to upgrade; doing so will restore your strength. 

Tips In!
As a tip, if you are low, on HP you must run and eat the green cubes from the four that will slowly regenerate your life. So you can get back into the fight and have a chance to defeat the other players. If you have a signature appearance, people will see you as more seasoned and dangerous than they really are. Do not be afraid to give this game a go if you are a fan of the series Among Us.

Release Date      March 31, 2021
Date added          Chicago Time: 08:20 on 19 April 2021

Type                              Html5-javascript
Platform                       PC, Web, and also on any mobile device
HTTP Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready                Yes
Gender                           Survive, Sword Fight, Explore, Escape, MultiplayerSurviveBoys, 3D, IO, Unblocked, Simulator, Cool Math, Kids, Ability, SkillsUnblocked WTFunblocked 66, unblocked 76Unblocked Games to Play on school.

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The game was developed by Kevin games. But you can play the game free online on along with several games from the listing on our Among Us game category.

The web browser of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Avant Browser.


  • Enjoy a cool 2D clone of the famous among us game now online and in a .io style.
  • Great 2D graphics with decent-looking characters, skins, and levels.
  • You can invite friends to join your game with the code from the top left of the game interface.
  • A lot of customization, like hats, colors, and weapons.
  • Each astronaut killed provides you with money and XP.
  • Eat the green cubes to grow your player size, level, and weapon and also to heal your HP.
  • Full-screen, and HTTPS ready.
  • Addicting and fun gameplay.
  • Available on all devices and browser types.
  • Smooth animations.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

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Enjoy a fun multiplayer io new among us pc game that is similar to the famous among us games. Where you must play as an imposter and try to annihilate all astronauts to win the game. The '''' game can be played for free online on, on any classic or modern browser type. Play your best and if you enjoyed this fun among us games online make sure you try other similar games like Imposter 3D Game. Good luck and have fun!

Make sure you check tips Video Instruction and Youtube Gameplay of the '''' game for free on 

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