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One Hit Samurai: Kurofune

One Hit Samurai: Kurofune - Rise of the Village Savior

Deep within the heart of 19th-century Japan, a tale of vengeance, honor, and redemption unfolds in "One Hit Samurai: Kurofune - Rise of the Village Savior." Step into the intricately detailed world of ancient Japan, where the lines between myths and reality blur and where a single samurai's determination can shift the fate of an entire village.

What Is One Hit Samurai: Kurofune?
In this immersive action adventure, players take on the persona of Kurofune, a legendary samurai renowned for his unparalleled skill and unwavering code of honor. However, darkness looms as the sinister Akumo usurps the throne of a peaceful village, mercilessly ending the life of Kurofune's brother and plunging the community into fear and despair. 

With its once-noble leader replaced by tyranny, the village finds itself shackled by injustice, the innocent peasants forced into grueling servitude and haunted by insurmountable debt.

But in their hour of need, hope takes the form of Kurofune, the "One Hit Samurai." As the embodiment of wisdom and deadly precision, Kurofune emerges from the shadows, driven by an unwavering resolve to restore peace and exact revenge upon the evil Akumo.

How to Play?

Embarking on your journey, navigate through dense, mystic forests serving as the pathway to the heart of the village. But be cautious! Akumo's henchmen lurk behind every tree and boulder, ever vigilant to halt your progress. With each encounter, use Kurofune's razor-sharp katana and unmatched combat techniques to defeat foes with a single, decisive strike. Alongside combat mastery, engage in meaningful interactions with villagers to gather intelligence, uncover hidden secrets, and forge invaluable alliances. Each choice you make impacts the narrative, leading to multiple possible endings.

Game Features:

  • Visceral Combat System: Experience fast-paced samurai combat, where precision and timing are critical. One hit is all it takes - for both you and your enemies.
  • Breathtaking Visuals: Traverse beautifully crafted landscapes that transport players to ancient Japan, from serene bamboo groves to perilous mountain paths and bustling village streets.
  • Dynamic Storytelling: Decisions matter. Interact with various characters, each with their tales and contributions to your journey. Unravel the web of intrigue spun by Akumo and determine the village's fate.
  • Diverse Enemy Types: Face off against myriad foes – from the stealthy ninja assassins to the brute force of Akumo's elite guards.
  • Skill Evolution: As Kurofune's legend grows, so does his skill set. Unlock new abilities and upgrade your moves to become an unstoppable force.

In One Hit Samurai: Kurofune, the weight of an entire village's hopes rests upon your shoulders. Will you be the beacon that guides them out of darkness, or will Akumo's shadow prove too overwhelming? Embark on this epic journey and carve your legacy.


W, A, S, D: Movement

Q: Roll

Shift: Run

E: Lock on enemy

Right mouse button: attack 1  

Left mouse button: attack 2

Esc/P: Pause.

Release Date       October 2023
Date added 
          Chicago Time: 5 October 2023

Type                                      WebGL
Platform                               PC, Web browser, and Windows.
HTTPS Ready                     Yes
Mobile Ready                      No
Mobile Mode                       No
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Game Credit:
Hammer Games Studio made this Indie One Hit Samurai: Kurofune game.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

The web browser version of the One Hit Samurai: Kurofune game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser.

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Participate in an engaging and nostalgic 3D simulator centered on the traditional samurai culture, providing an immersive experience of ancient Japan via a captivating sword-fighting game available on The "One Hit Samurai: Kurofune" has been designed with WebGL technology, enabling seamless compatibility across various web browsers. If one derives pleasure from engaging in this online ninja combat game, it is advisable to participate in newly released analogous games with samurai on our website.


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