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Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race

Play now Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race game online free and unblocked only on BrightestGames!
In Apocalypse Escape: Zombie Road Rampage, you find yourself in a world overrun by the undead. As Noob, your mission is to race through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, dodging hordes of zombies and navigating treacherous terrain. The clock is ticking, and the only hope for survival is to reach the rescue ship before it's too late!

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a captivating story mode filled with heart-pounding levels. Tear through decimated highway overpasses, navigate eerie underground tunnels, and brave the dangers lurking within massive factories infested with the undead. With every step, the relentless zombie hordes will try to halt your progress, but your determination to break through knows no bounds!

What Is Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race?
Prepare for an intense and fast-paced action experience. It's not just about survival; it's about leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. Engage in epic zombie battles, mow down the ferocious undead with a variety of weapons, and unleash your fury as you turn them into minced meat or send them flying with the power of your wheels.

Tips For Playing Online Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race!
To succeed in your escape, you must annihilate as many zombies as possible while covering as much ground as you can. Earn money along the way to upgrade your vehicle, enhancing its capabilities and arming it to the teeth. Equip a heavy machine gun, reinforce your bumper for maximum impact, or install a turbo thruster for blistering speed. But remember, all the modifications won't save you if your car runs out of fuel or breaks down. Prioritize upgrading the fuel tank and engine to ensure your survival on unforgiving roads.

Within the hangar, a selection of seven unique vehicles awaits your command. Choose from a range of options, including lightning-fast sports cars, rugged jeeps, reliable school buses, and robust heavy trucks. Each vehicle possesses distinct attributes that can aid your escape. So, seize the opportunity, buckle up, and prepare for an extreme ride that will push your skills to the limit!

Tricks For Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race!
With every race, collect money and bonus points, investing your hard-earned profits in upgrading your vehicle further. Increase its power, expand the fuel tank capacity, and unlock additional features to conquer greater distances. Progress through the chaos of the apocalypse, unlocking a total of ten different vehicles, from nimble sports cars to behemoth fire trucks. Embrace the mayhem and unleash your inner driver as you obliterate the wild and fiendish creatures that stand in your way.

Customize your ultimate zombie extermination machine with a wide array of upgrades. Strengthen your vehicle's defences with armoured frames, equip roof cannons for devastating firepower, and fine-tune the gas pedals for precise control. With each enhancement, the zombies will become mere obstacles in your path, unable to halt your relentless pursuit.

What are you waiting for? The rescue ship's departure is imminent, and your survival depends on reaching it in time. Prepare yourself for a wild ride through a world filled with chaos and destruction. Brace yourself for the heart-pounding thrill of blasting through zombie-infested factories, leaving a trail of devastation behind you. The clock is ticking, and the fate of humanity rests on your shoulders. It's time to unleash your driving skills and escape the clutches of the apocalypse!

Release Date      October 2022
Date added          Chicago Time: 01:44 From 26 May 2023

Type                                 Html5 - WebGL
HTTPS Ready                Yes
Mobile Mode                  Yes
Mobile Ready                 Yes
Genre                              ShootingAction, ZombiesSurvivalUnblockedBoysUnblocked 76Cool MathDrivingTrucks1 PlayerWebGLSimulatorcar games Unblockedunblocked 66.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

Game developer
RA Games develops the Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race game. But you can play the game online for free on

More Information About Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race
Join the fight for survival along Noobic in an Apocalyptical zombie-smash driving game here on BrightestGames. Where the Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race game it's developed with html5 technology, which allows the game to work perfectly in all devices. Enjoy this awesome action shooting game and try other similar earn-to-die-related games here on our website!

To better understand the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Zombie Escape Apocalypse Race online on

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