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Zombie Hill Racing

Here is the online game Zombie Hill Racing; you can play it for free now on BrightestGames!
We welcome you to Zombie Hill Racing - Earn Climb, one of the most exciting and action-packed racing games in which you race against zombies using a vehicle or a truck. The zombie apocalypse has arrived in full force! Zombies overrun the land, and there is little hope of survival. Not many people are still alive, and you are one of the lucky ones. In one of the most exciting post-apocalyptic survival games, all that's left to do is track down some reliable vehicles, get in, and keep moving forward.

What is Zombie Hill Racing?
It has been many years since the rabies virus first arose when it was unknown to scientists. During this period, most of the planet's people were either wiped off or transformed into flesh-eating monsters. There was nothing around except an infinite wasteland of rolling hills, and armies of the living dead could be seen swarming over it. Now that you've been caught, you need to get behind the wheel of your vehicle and smash anything that stands in your path.

How To Play Zombie Hill Racing?
You have several incredible stages ahead of you in which you must go the most distance possible while reducing hordes of the undead to putrid mincemeat. Earn gold coins, accomplish challenging quests, and uncover all concealed containers to increase your chances of getting more goodies. You will have the opportunity to grow a variety of aspects of your car, such as the engine's power, the gasoline tank's capacity, the gearbox, and more, when you visit the garage. To protect the vehicle if it comes into contact with many obstacles, equip it with a powerful machine gun and a strong layer of armour made of metal. You can leap from ski jumps and surmount cliffs using your turbo boost. Get on the path of wrath and face your fate there!

Controls in Zombie Hill Racing?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. Press the arrow keys or WASD to drive and balance the cars and trucks. To gain speed, press the spacebar button to activate the boost/nitro! Nitro will quickly finish, so use it wisely and have a blast in this Zombie Hill Racing unblocked!

Release Date      Jun 27, 2022
Updated On         1 August 2022 02:14

Type                                 Html5 - WebGL
HTTPS Ready                Yes
Mobile Mode                  Yes
Mobile Ready                 Yes
Genre                              ShootingAction, Boys, ZombiesSurvival, Unblocked, Unblocked 76, Cool MathDriving, Trucks1 Player, WebGL, Simulatorcar games Unblocked, unblocked 66.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

Game developer
Inlogic Arcade develops the Zombie Hill Racing game. But you can play the game online for free on

More Information About Zombie Hill Racing
Are you ready to join the fight for your life in a fun classic 2D Apocalyptical mixture of driving and zombie smashing game? Join a fun clone of the traditional Earn to die series now that simulates a real-life Apocalyptical experience. The Zombie Hill Racing game it's developed with html5 technology, which allows the game to work perfectly in all browsers. Enjoy this awesome action shooting game and complete all the missions to win! 

To better understand the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Zombie Hill Racing online on

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